Not all heroes wear capes. And since the Coronavirus pandemic has swept the world, we’ve heard the word “heroes” a heck of a lot more.

Communities from Italy to New York have been making noise every evening to express their thanks to essential workers. Facebook has a special filter for profile pictures, Instagram has a sticker dedicated to health care workers, and everyone is making a point of praising those who continue to go to work and keep the world afloat through this nightmare.

Yes, they’re being brave and putting their lives on the line, there’s no doubt about that. But many of these essential workers don’t have a choice. They need to keep working to pay their rent and feed their families. So a lot of these “heroes” are getting sick of hearing “thank you”, and would really rather be paid a wage that reflects the risk they’re taking. They are quite literally the backbone of society, but the reality is that they’re putting their lives on the line, and many are still being paid minimum wage.

So of course, they’ve taken to the internet and used the modern art form of memes to express how they’re feeling.