76-Year-Old Unrecognizable After A Visit To The Makeover Guy

76-Year-Old Looks Incredible After A Visit To The Makeover Guy

July 16th, 2019

When Cindy from Florida was looking for a new look, she knew she had to see The Makeover Guy. Regardless of the distance, he was definitely the man for the job. Hairstylist Christopher Hopkins is known for his ability to completely transform a woman’s look.

Hopkins, who is also a singer and author, opened the Christopher Hopkins Salon at KSTP TV studio in 1990.

He would regularly appear on that station’s talk show Good Company. Hopkins went on to open another salon, the Christopher Hopkins Image Center in downtown Minneapolis. Hopkins is known for his appearances on the Orpah Winfrey Show.

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Hopkins moved uptown in 2000 and renamed his salon Revamp Salonspa. He later penned the best-selling novel “Staging Your Comeback, A Complete Beauty Revival for Women Over 45.”

Hopkins open MAKOVERGUY appearance studio in Minneapolis in 2017 where he creates breathtaking transformations. So, Cindy knew she had to make the trip to Minneapolis to get the look that she wanted.

“I have always wondered what my face shape is, what color my hair should be, what length it should be, I feel very confident that Christopher can do what I need,” Cindy said.

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Cindy originally was looking for a more feminine look with long or average length hair.

She was extremely pleased when Hopkins was done working his magic.

“Cindy came up from Florida wondering what would be ideal for her look. I suggested growing it longer, keeping it blonde but not so brassy. We used varying tones of pecan, honey and a hint of tobacco to accomplish this lovely look,” Hopkins wrote in the caption of his YouTube video of Cindy’s makeover.

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“I actually had this very same hairstyle when I was in high school and well now I’m 76 and it took me that many years to come back to it. I felt like I was too blonde,” Cindy said.

Cindy felt like she was able to finally style and dress herself now that she had a makeover from Hopkins and his team.

“I came all the way to Florida and it was worth every minute. I am just very grateful,” Cindy said.

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Cindy’s makeover was posted on Hopkins’ has very popular YouTube channel that features his most stunning makeovers.

The channel has more than 144,000 subscribers and has gotten more than 72 million views. Her makeover got more than 63,000 views alone. You can watch Cindy’s incredible makeover in the video below.

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