30 Things I Bought On Amazon And Would Buy Again…and Again
Rebecca Martinson

I like to consider myself something of an Amazon expert. Frankly, I’ve been shopping there for decades. If that doesn’t make me an expert, what else would you call it? And because I’m a little obsessed with two-day Prime shipping, it means I’ve also tried out a ton of their products. Kitchen gadgets, makeup, home decor — you name it, I’ve likely bought it in the past.

But not every purchase I’ve ever made has been worth the money. Some, I’d even argue, were total hunks of junk. So if you’re looking for recommendations, you’ve come to the right place — these are the top 30 things I’ve ever bought on Amazon, and would 100x buy again. But if I had to pick my favorite? Make sure to check out the men’s slide shoes I’ve included. Each pair sold helps support someone’s full-time employment in Kenya, and they’re even stylish to boot!

1. The Frame That Can Hold Dozens Of Photos

With enough clips for up to 30 photos, this frame lets you showcase all your friends and family in one place. It’s great for home offices, or even your bedroom — and each order comes with all the mounting hardware included. Choose from three finishes: carbonized black, weathered grey, or black.

2. A Blow Dryer Diffuser For Silky, Bouncy Curls

Blow drying curly hair is an easy way to wind up with a head full of frizz — so grab this diffuser. Not only does it disperse your dryer’s hot air so that your curls maintain their shape, but it’s also collapsible. So go ahead and take it with you on your next vacation — it’ll take up hardly any space in your suitcase.

3. These Scrubbers Made From Natural Peach Pits

Regular sponges take forever to break down once thrown away, whereas these eco-friendly scrubbers are made from all-natural peach pits with durable cotton backings. They’re so effective on dirt and grime that you don’t need to use soap — and they’re even safe to use on cast iron cookware. “They literally last for years,” wrote one reviewer. “No more stinky rags!”

4. A Toothpaste That’s Clinically Proven To Whiten Teeth

You know how most toothpastes claim to whiten teeth? This tube is clinically proven to not just leave your pearly whites shining, but it can also help re-mineralize enamel that’s deteriorated. “I’ve been using this for around 10 years,” explained one reviewer. “It’s the ONLY toothpaste that actually whitens your teeth…and the tubes last a loooooooooooooooooong time.”

5. This Lazy Susan Turntable Adds Storage Wherever You Put It

I’m a huge fan of this lazy Susan, and not just because it costs less than $10. Keep it out on your counters for a tidy place to keep bottles — or, if you put it in your cabinets, it can help you reach anything stacked in the back. And with its non-skid top, there’s zero risk of your items flying off as they’re spinning.

6. A Goofy String Ball To Help You De-Stress At Work

I’m not gonna pretend I play with this string ball every day, but does it help me de-stress a little when work gets annoying? Absolutely. If you’ve got kids at home, they’ll also get a kick out of how far the strings can stretch without breaking — and reviewers raved about how vibrant the colors are.

7. Bounce As Hard As You Want — This Yoga Ball Won’t Pop

As long as you aren’t intentionally trying to pop this yoga ball, it’ll stay firm and inflated as long as you need. It’s great for everything from strength training to pilates — and each order comes with a foot pump to help you blow it up quickly. The best part? It has a weight limit of up to 2,200 pounds.

8. This Plasma Ball Is Always A Hit With Kids

I bought this plasma ball as a gift for my nephew — the look on his face when he plugged it in was all I needed to know I picked well. Or, if you don’t have any children in your family, you can also use it as fun mood lighting in dark rooms. And unlike some plasma balls, this one interacts with your fingers if you touch it.

9. An Over-The-Sink Basket For Scrubbers And Sponges

Put that divider in the middle of your sink to work — hang this wire basket over it for a convenient place to keep your scrubbers, sponges, and more. And if you’ve already got a scrubber caddy? Not a problem, as you can also hang it over cabinet doors — or even on towel rods — for a little extra storage space.

10. These Magic Erasers Are Thicker Than The Rest

Just get these magic erasers damp with a little water, and they’ll easily erase scuffs, scratches, and dings all around your home. Personally? I like to use them in my shower whenever the tile grout starts to look a little grimy. And since they’re extra-thick, they’ll last longer when compared to other erasers.

11. This Device That Sanitizes Dirty Cell Phones

You wash your hands all the time, but when was the last time you washed your phone? Enter: this device that’ll eliminate up to 99.99% of all germs currently residing on your phone. It’s designed to work with any phone, as well as anything you can fit inside — including everything from jewelry to coins.

12. This Box Disguised To Look Like Books

Thieves will never suspect these books are completely fake, making them the perfect place to hide valuables — or even just conceal your router. The best part? You can also customize which book titles are printed on the outside. One reviewer even raved about how they “swapped out a book title that I didn’t like before production. It was a romance novel and when I rejected that book and told them I like crime and spy novels they added a book that fit my preference.”

13. This Cropped Hoodie Makes You Look Seriously Sporty

Pair this cropped hoodie with a pair of high-waisted leggings, and you’ve instantly got a cute gym look that’ll turn heads no matter where you go. Or, you can simply wear it around the house on a lazy day, as the soft cotton-polyester blend is great for lounging around. My favorite color? Make sure to check out groovy papaya — especially if you’ve got black leggings to wear with it.

14. A Roll Of Contact Paper That Can Completely Makeover Your Home

I’ll recommend this roll of contact paper to anyone who’s willing to listen — that’s how amazing it is. You can use it to update everything from old countertops to outdated backsplashes, as it’s made from tough, water-resistant vinyl. And truth be told? I’ve even left puddles on it overnight without any issue.

15. These Men’s Slides Are Handmade In Kenya

I know these slides might be a little more on the expensive side — however, every purchase helps support someone’s full-time employment in Kenya. If that’s not a reason to splurge, then what is? And not only is each pair handmade, but the rubber soles also help absorb shock as you move.

16. A Waterproof Eyeliner That Stays Put All Day Long

Tired of smudging your eyeliner halfway through the day? So was I — that’s why I switched over to this waterproof pen from Stila. The smudge-free formula glides onto my lids without any skipping, while the fine tip is great for drawing delicate wings. And if you’re looking for fun colors? It even comes in potent shades, including paradise pink and midnight.

17. A Fidget Toy Made For Adults

Fidget toys aren’t just for spunky kids — this one is designed specifically for adults. Mold and roll it in your palm as you try to tackle complex problems at work, or even just deal with that one annoying coworker who won’t stop slacking you. “The ONO roller has really been a game changer for me,” wrote one reviewer. “I’m able to continue using my computer’s mouse while fidgeting in a way that’s not distracting.”

18. The Pet Bed That Keeps Them Snug N’ Warm

My little French bulldog is absolutely obsessed with this cozy pet bed. Its orthopedic foam base cushions his joints so that he can relax, and he loves nuzzling around in the attached hood. Plus, the cover zippers off so that you can easily throw it into the wash.

19. These Sneakers Are Affordable, And Stylish

Unless you want to walk around with sore joints all day, it pays to invest in a quality pair of sneakers — and these ones are available for less than $40. I like how the insoles help cushion my knees, while the elastane heels move with my feet without any chafing. The best part? They come in more than 15 colors.

20. This Stovetop Pizza Oven Heats Up To 600 Degrees Fahrenheit

The key to a deliciously chewy-yet-soft pizza crust is a super-high cooking temperature — and this stovetop oven can heat up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit in as little as 15 minutes. Not only does it got hotter than your conventional oven, but the built-in thermometer even helps you make sure your pizza doesn’t overcook.

21. A Kid-Friendly Organizer For Your Front Seats

Sick of your kids kicking the back of your car seat? Hang this organizer up to help deter them, and add some helpful storage space. There’s room for everything from snacks to tablets — and the quick-release buckles help you get it set up within minutes.

22. The White Noise Machine With 22 Soothing Sounds

Having trouble falling asleep? This white noise machine comes pre-loaded with 22 soothing sounds to help ease you mind in bed. Personally, I like to take it with me on vacations — just in case my hotel is a little louder than expected.

23. A Toiletry Bag You Can Hang In Your Bathroom

If you don’t have enough space in your bathroom for a set of shelves for all your toiletries, this bag will more than do the trick. The compartments open up flat so that it’s easy to see what’s inside all of them at once — and they’re even waterproof, just in case they get wet. Choose from three colors: purple, pink, or bright blue.

24. This Eyeshadow Adds Subtle Sparkle To Your Lids

To put it bluntly, I’m not a very “glittery” person — but I still like this eyeshadow. It adds a hint of splendor to my lids without being too overpowering, though sometimes I’ll just dab it into the corners of my eyes to help make them pop. Plus, it comes in more than 10 shades to suit any style.

25. A Gadget That Curls Your Hair For You

I finally bought this curler after I’d burned myself one too many times with a hot iron — and let me just say, what an upgrade. Just insert a small lock of hair, and it’ll gently curl it into shape as you pull it through. Plus, there are zero hot spots for you to scorch your fingers.

26. The Dumbbell That Lets You Adjust Its Weight

While these dumbbells might seem a little pricy at first, their weight is adjustable from 2.5, to 12.5 pounds — so it’s almost like you’re getting five dumbbells for the price of one. And unlike cheaper options, these ones feature soft-grip handles to help keep your hands comfortable during tough workouts.

27. This Trendy Knife Set That Nests Into Itself

If your countertops don’t have space for a full knife block, these knives come with a sleek bamboo holder that takes up very little room. Each blade is made from high-quality stainless steel — and there’s even a hole in the back of the holder that helps you pop them out when it’s time to cook.

28. A Robot Vacuum That Powers Through Dust And Dirt

I was a little skeptical about this robot vacuum — I figured it couldn’t work half as well as the reviews said it did. But now that I’ve had it a few months? I can happily say it’s more than worth the price. And since it’s compatible with Alexa, you can even control it using voice commands once synced.

29. This Iron Cooks Heart-Shaped Waffles

This waffle iron isn’t just good for Valentine’s day. Since the waffles it cooks are on the smaller side, it’s great for keeping your morning portion sizes in check. And with non-stick heating plates, your waffles easily pop out once they’re done cooking.

30. The Stylish Backpack Made From Genuine Leather

Via Amazon

Even though this backpack is made from genuine leather, it’s still ultra-affordable at less than $60 — and reviewers confirm that it’s just as high-quality as it looks. “It’s supple and soft, but has the weight of a quality leather bag,” one explained. “The zippers and stitching feel durable, and there’s a ton of room without being a giant bag.”

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By Rebecca Martinson
Rebecca Martinson is a contributor at SBLY Media.