30 Products On Amazon That Are So Amazing They’ve Reached Cult Status
Rebecca Martinson

Simply browsing the front page of Amazon will only show you the most common products. You know, the ones everybody has. But if you take a little bit deeper of a dive? You can discover an entirely new world of unknown products — well, unknown to the average shopper.

Even though many of the products in this list are brand-new to us both, they’ve been trending as cult-favorites on the down-low for a while now — like the gluten-free mascara that reviewers are in love with. And not only do plenty of them have thousands of glowing reviews, but nearly every single one is available at a totally reasonable price.

So what are you waiting for? Keep scrolling for some of the most amazing products on Amazon that’ve become cult-favorites.

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

1. The Mascara That Reviewers Obsess Over

When I say that reviewers are obsessed with this mascara, I’m not exaggerating — thousands have left behind glowing four- and five-star reviews. They love how it creates dramatic volume, while simultaneously lengthening your lashes. Plus, the ultra-fine brush won’t leave behind clumps.

2. A Kit For Removing Skin Tags At Home

You could get an appointment at the dermatologist — but that can wind up costing hundreds of dollars. Instead, try this skin tag removal kit. There’s no freezing or burning necessary, and it’s safe to use all over your body (excluding the area around your eyes).

3. The Front Seat Pocket For Bags And Other Stuff

Bags, umbrellas, sunglasses — whatever you’ve got, this front seat pocket is likely big enough to hold it for safekeeping. It’s designed to fit into nearly any vehicle, and installation typically is done within a few short minutes. And if it ever gets dirty? Go ahead and toss it into the washer for easy cleaning.

4. A Foot Rasp That Powers Through Tough Skin

Take it from someone with self-described hobbit feet — a foot rasp like this one is a total gamechanger. Not only is it safe to use on dry, and wet skin, but the grating plate is made from surgical-grade stainless steel. Use it on everything from cracked heels, to stubborn calluses.

5. These Sheets Made From Soft, Luxurious Microfiber

A set of sheets that look as good as they feel is hard to come by, so make sure to grab this one while it’s on sale for less than $20. The smooth, silky microfiber material feels luxurious against bare skin — and it’s even fade- as well as shrink-resistant. Choose from six colors, including a gorgeously rich shade of burgundy.

6. A Hot Waver That Helps Reduce Frizz

Don’t have time to relax at the beach? You can still get a bouncy, beach-inspired ‘do with this hot waver. The heating plates are coated with tourmaline ceramic, helping to lock-in shine while reducing frizz. Plus, it can even heat all the way up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

7. The Glass Tumbler That’s Seriously Stylish

Throw out that crummy plastic water bottle you’ve been using in favor of this sleek glass tumbler. Not only is it stain- and odor-resistant, but the silicone sleeve on the outside helps keep it safe from scratches. Choose from the four colors you see above, as well as a gentle shade of pink.

8. A Lightweight Trimmer For Easy Landscaping

With a powerful rechargeable battery that runs for up to four hours, this trimmer is perfect for small yards or walkways. It weighs less than three pounds — making it easy to carry around — and reviewers raved about how it works great with flower beds.

9. The Bagless Vacuum You Can Use Three Different Ways

You’ve got options when it comes to this bagless vacuum. Use it as a handheld, stair, or upright stick vacuum when sucking up messes around the house — and it’s versatile enough to transfer from carpet to hardwood seamlessly. Plus, each order comes with a crevice tool for tight spaces.

10. A Retro-Style Speaker With Bluetooth Technology

Even though this speaker looks old-school, don’t be fooled — it still connects to your phone via Bluetooth completely wirelessly. The built-in microphone also lets you answer hands-free calls, while the rechargeable battery lasts for up to three hours. My favorite color? Make sure to check out the bright blue choice.

11. The Cream That Can Help Ease Dark Circles

Dark circles are no match for this revitalizing eye gel, as nourishing amino acids work to ease puffiness and inflammation. It also contains hyaluronic acid — just for the sake of a little hydration — and the vitamin E can even help promote firmer skin.

12. A Wind Chime That Lights Up At Night

Hang these solar wind chimes up on your patio for some fun, colorful lighting at night. They’re made with bright LED bulbs that have a lifetime of up to 100,000 hours — and the built-in sensor prevents them from turning on during the day. Plus, they’re completely rainproof.

13. This Shower Shelf That’s Easy To Install

Some shelves require you to drill into your shower walls to hang them up — but not this one. Each order comes with waterproof adhesive to keep it safely mounted in place. And since the frame is made from stainless steel, it’s also resistant to rust.

14. A Pair Of Leggings With Trendy Mesh Panels

Buying the newest and trendiest clothes can put a real dent into your wallet. Luckily, these leggings feature a mesh panel that’s seriously in style right now, and they’re available for less than $35. But if you don’t like plum? You still have the choice of more than 20 colors.

15. The Cooling Blanket You Need In Warm Weather

I used to wake up every night, drenched in sweat after just a few hours — but then I got this cooling blanket. The special Japanese cooling fibers siphon my body heat away from me whenever I’m lying on them, to the point where I can literally feel myself cooling down. The best part? It comes in sizes large enough to use as a light quilt, not just a throw blanket.

16. A Moisturizing Cream That Can Help Smooth Wrinkles

Not only is this facial cream suitable for all types of skin, but it’s also chock-full of nourishing ingredients. Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid work to hydrate wrinkles, helping soothe their appearance — and it glides over skin without leaving behind greasy residues. What’s not to love?

17. The Chiropractic Pillow That Can Help Ease Neck Pain

Whether you’ve got pain in your neck or soreness in your shoulders, might I suggest giving this chiropractic pillow a try? You only need to lie on it for about 15 minutes — the raised foam bumps will dig deep into pressure points, helping to alleviate pain. Plus, it’s light enough to take with you to work.

18. A Fan To Help You Stay Cool In the Car

Call me bougie all you like — I bought this fan to help keep my dog cool while he’s riding in the backseat. The heads rotate, allowing you to point them in any direction your like. Or, if your car is already cool enough, you can also attach it to your bed frame for some nighttime air circulation.

19. This Rubber Ball Can Make Ice Cream In Just 30 Minutes

You know what tastes better than ice cream? Fresh ice cream. So why not make your own using this ball? The chamber inside is large enough to make up to a full pint in just 30 minutes — no electricity required. And since the outside is covered in tough rubber, kids can even roll it back-and-forth to help speed up the churning process.

20. A Bookshelf Tree That Takes Up Hardly Any Space

Most bookshelves take up a ton of floor space — but not this one. Its slim footprint is perfect for cramped home offices, or even tight corners. And if you’ve got a ton of heavy books? Not a problem, as each shelf is sturdy enough to support up to 22 pounds.

21. This Tiered Plant Stand Made From Classy Bamboo

Need stand that’ll keep your plants looking tidy? This one is made from classy bamboo that pairs seamlessly with any style — and the shelves are even staggered to keep your plants from growing into each other.

22. A Solar-Powered Globe For Your Patio Dining Table

Why add this globe to your patio table? For starters, it’s the perfect centerpiece for anyone who doesn’t want the responsibility of watering plants. And two, the solar panel built into the top means you’ll never have to replace any batteries in order to enjoy its soothing mosaic glow.

23. The Workout Machine You Can Actually Afford

For less than the price of a gym membership, you can own this ab machine and get toned in the comfort of your own home. It only takes about eight minutes a day to get your muscles fired up — and the resistance is even adjustable up to three levels.

24. A Rope Basket For All Your Pillows And Throw Blankets

Made from 100% cotton, this rope basket is the perfect place to stash throw blankets and pillows until you’re ready to snuggle up. It’s also foldable, making it easy to stash underneath furniture when not in use — and many reviewers even wrote about how it’s “great quality” for the price.

25. Everybody Needs A Good Memory Foam Pillow

If you’re still sleeping with a limp bedding, this is your sign it’s time to upgrade to a memory foam pillow — like this one. The memory foam inside is shredded, allowing you to remove or add stuffing as you like. “Ever had a pillow so good you want to stay in bed?” wrote one reviewer. “Yeah. It’s like that.”

26. An Outdoor Side Table That’ll Hold Up Against Bad Weather

When your patio doesn’t have enough space for a full table, this little side table will do just the trick. It’s made from tough iron that’ll hold up through years of bad weather — and reviewers raved about how it’s the “perfect height.”

27. The Retro Phone That Mounts To Your Wall

With its rotary dial and 1950’s style, this retro phone is a fun alternative to the cordless you’ve likely got in your home. It mounts to the wall for an authentic appearance — and the integrated coin bank is even fully functional, though you don’t need to insert quarters in order to use it.

28. A Set Of Towels Made From Soft Bamboo Cotton

You can never go wrong with a good set of towels — and these ones are made from a super-soft blend of bamboo and cotton. And unlike some sets that only come with one big towel, this one comes with with four large ones that are large enough for kids and adults alike.

29. This Crossbody Bag To Help You Keep Track Of Your Valuables

I like to wear crossbody bags whenever I go out at night. Not only are they harder to lose, but this one in particular is made from sleek faux leather that looks good with any outfit. And if black isn’t your color? Choose from dozens more — including a vibrant shade of fuchsia.

30. A Sunscreen That Won’t Leave Your Face Greasy

When choosing a sunscreen for your face, you want to pick one that won’t leave you feeling greasy — like this one from Elta MD. Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide work to protect your skin using their mineral-based properties, without clogging pores. Plus, the formula is completely oil-free.

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By Rebecca Martinson
Rebecca Martinson is a contributor at SBLY Media.