20 DIY Storage Ideas To Keep Your Produce Super Fresh

May 7th, 2018

Cooking at home is definitely the healthiest way to eat, but it does come with other considerations. For one thing, you must always keep track of which foods are going bad. Fruits and vegetables can be especially tricky.

Without any preservatives to extend their shelf life, these foods perish with the speed that nature intended. If it seems like you are constantly throwing out rotten produce, you will find these tips extremely helpful. Here are 20 DIY storage ideas that will help keep your fruits and veggies fresh.

1. Hanging Fruit Basket

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Homedit Source: Homedit

What a fun way to store your fruit. These baskets are playful yet elegant. And of course, they will keep your produce good for longer. Learn how to make them here.

2. Potato Storage

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DIY & Crafts Source: DIY & Crafts

Do you love potatoes? They are delicious and nutritious. Keep your potatoes fresh with this mass storage space. Don’t worry, you don’t have to load up on a year’s worth of potatoes – it’s good for other vegetables as well.

3. DIY Produce Bin

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Ana White Source: Ana White

This adorable produce cabinet is made from upcycled pallets and chicken wire. The rustic look is sure to add charm to your kitchen. To make it for your home, follow this tutorial.

4. Stackable Wood Crate Bins

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Mother Earth News Source: Mother Earth News

When it comes to storage, stackable crates are the way to go. Make use of your vertical space instead of spreading everything out on a shelf. Your produce will be so easy to find.

5. Banana Hammock

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Jennetters Source: Jennetters

Humans love hammocks. Well, bananas do too. Let your bananas ripen in style with this awesome banana hammock.

6. Wall Baskets

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All That Brings Joy Source: All That Brings Joy

These are just too cute! Utilized your unused wall space by converting it into a produce storage space. Now your fruits and vegetables can double as decorations.

7. Stackable Plastic Crates

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Jay Mug Source: Jay Mug

This craft is super convenient, especially if you have old crates laying around. If you don’t, check out your local grocery and thrift stores. It’s like having a dresser for your produce.

8. Paper Bag Baskets

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Craftster Source: Craftster

If you use paper bags often, this may be the craft for you. I must warn you though: paper bags do contain a bit of formaldehyde. We each decide how far to take our health decisions, so whether or not you will continue to use them is entirely up to you.

9. Upcycled Fruit Stand

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A Little Tipsy Source: A Little Tipsy

Now THIS is a good idea. If you have an old dessert dish, repurpose it into a fruit space. The colorful fruits will look even more delicious when they are on display.

10. Under Cabinet Storage

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Live Renewed Source: Live Renewed

If you are low on space, you may want to consider this option. What do you use the area under your cabinets for, anyway? Add in a rack, and you now have a place to store your fruit.

11. Mini Blind Shelves

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500 Eco Source: 500 Eco

Upcycle mini blinds to make this modern looking shelf system. You can also check thrift stores for the necessary supplies. The fruits will even add color to the kitchen.

12. DIY Produce Stand

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Over The Big Moon Source: Over The Big Moon

This craft is cheap, easy, and effective. What more could you want? Make your own produce stand, and keep track of your veggies before they go bad.

13. Slide Out Baskets

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BHG Source: BHG

This idea really is a great one. Stick some baskets inside your unused cabinet space. As each one slides out, you will be able to easily grab anything you need.

14. Root Vegetable Bin

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Remodelaholic Source: Remodelaholic

This tiny wooden bin is adorable. The best part is that it’s super customizable. Paint it with whatever design you want, and it will blend in to your decoration theme perfectly.

15. Rustic Wooden Storage

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Anika's DIY Life Source: Anika's DIY Life

This little craft looks really cool. Create a storage bin, and use a divider to separate your fruits and veggies. You can even label the different areas.

16. Chalkboard Storage Unit

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The Wood Grain Cottage Source: The Wood Grain Cottage

Here we are again, looking at stackable storage options. Make your unit as high or low as you want. Next take bits of old chalkboard and add them to the front. Boom, you’re all set.

17. Slide Out Shelves

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Ana White Source: Ana White

This craft takes up quite a bit of space, but if you are a real produce lover it is perfect for you. Use scrap pieces of wood to make the project even cheaper. Your kitchen will feel way more organized.

18. Veggie Platter Stand

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Must Have Mom Source: Must Have Mom

Yes, you heard me. This storage space is topped with a veggie platter. What a great idea!

19. Upcycled Shutters

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Repurpose your old shutters rather than throwing them away. Paint them to make them look nice, then add in wooden or metal baskets. This craft is simple, but it looks so cool.

20. Customized Kitchen Island

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My Love 2 Create Source: My Love 2 Create

If you don’t already have an island in your kitchen, you’re in luck. Now you can make one to perfectly fit your needs. Add in some bins and drawers, and you’re ready to go.

Kitchens can become cluttered easily, especially for foodies. Give your fruits and veggies some proper storage space with these amazing tips.

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