12 times people had groceries delivered and the produce was startling
"I ordered 1 pound of potatoes and they brought me a potato that weighed one pound."
Jaclyn Abergas

How often do you shop for groceries?

Do you always get what you paid for when you shop for groceries? Have you ever gotten something that’s more than what you bargained for?

These people ordered one thing. And even though they did get the item on the list, it wasn’t quite what they expected.

Would you like to see it?

1. An onion head

This onion is a big as his dog’s head. Be careful not to drop it on his head or anyone’s head. That’s going to hurt. You’re also going to need a big knife to cut through this one. What will you make? Lots of onion rings?

2. A giant egg

There’s a giant egg in the middle of this egg tray. No wonder you can’t close the tray. Is there giantism in the egg world, too? You’ll be able to make HUGE omelet with that egg.

3. Mutant strawberry

A regular strawberry is usually just as big as the small piece on the left. Is there such a thing as a growth spray? And if so, did they spray this strawberry with it? Because it is huge!

4. Three-finger span

This garlic clove is almost as big as a whole garlic bulb. How do they get this big? Slice this or mince this and have enough for multiple dishes!

5. PotatoZilla

Imagine expecting a bunch of small sweet potatoes to arrive. And then you open your package and voila! You’ve got a jumbo sweet potato! You are set for days with this bad boy.

6. Five pounds of this

So that means each carrot is just a little over a pound each. That’s a lot of carrot cakes!

7. Apple for scale

That’s a normal-sized apple. That blueberry, however, is not normal-sized. It’s so big, it feels like you can slice it and eat like an apple.

8. Carrot-Kong

Does this carrot win over PotatoZilla? What do you think? What will you make this one?

9. It won’t fit!

These leeks are so big, they won’t even fit inside the fridge! Oh, man. Although you can plant the roots so you’ll have more humongous leeks year-round!

10. This spear

This asparagus spear is so big, it looks like a tree! Shout “Timber!” when you chop it up! You can plant it and you might have tall asparagus spears like this. Or maybe not.

11. This is even bigger!

This is even bigger than the other garlic clove. This is like 2 garlic bulbs! And it’s perfect for the garlic lover, for sure!

12. A lot of curls

Look at that curly fry, that’s a lot of curls! Whoever gets this is one lucky fry lover. Where did they get this from? We want it!

Have you ever experienced getting any humongous produce? What was your reaction? What did you make with it?

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By Jaclyn Abergas
Jaclyn Abergas is a contributor at SBLY Media.