Little Boy Captivates Crowd At A Wedding With His Dance Moves
He captivated the whole crowd!
Jenny Brown

At times, it can be difficult to get people to dance and boogie on the dance floors. Many people don’t want to be the “first” ones dancing. They are eagerly waiting for someone to start the party, and then they will feel comfortable jumping in. But for one boy, being the “first” one wasn’t a problem at all. In fact, he reveled in the spotlight. Just look at him show off his incredible moves.

In the video below titled “Own The Floor”, you can see a little boy dressed in a vest and suit. As the music plays in the background, the little boy starts to move his body in ways I never thought possible. He starts with rather iconic dance moves such as the “robot” and the “Irish jig” but then he progresses to his own style. At times, the boy strikes poses, and the crowd roars with approval.

While the bride and groom may be the stars of the wedding, the little boy was the start of the wedding reception. Everyone in the audience gave a standing ovation when he was done with his performance. I couldn’t help but smile and see a little boy dance so passionately. He’s so carefree!

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[Source: Suro Hakobyan]

By Jenny Brown
Jenny Brown is a senior writer at Shareably. She is based in San Francisco and can be reached at hi@shareably.net.