Woman Pranks Her Husband Using A Water Bottle
Ryan Aliapoulios

They say that no matter how old you get, you always feel like a kid on the inside. Today’s story seems to prove the saying correct. When a mischievous older woman decides to do a magic trick for her husband, everything seems on the up-and-up. By the end, her unfortunate husband gets a cold splash of reality.


The couple in question are Marietta and Tommy Tyks, who originally posted their video on Facebook to the tune of 77 million views. After seeing it, it’s not hard to see why their moment together has made the rounds. The video begins simply enough: Marietta tells Tommy that she has a magic trick to perform.

In the middle of the frame is a standard water bottle. Marietta then produces a penny. “You see this penny?” she asks. “I’ll put this bottle of water right on top of the penny.” So far, so good. Her husband Tommy is following along as she drapes a washcloth over the bottle, hiding it from view. “Now when I say the magic words,” she says, “the penny’s going to go inside the bottle.” By this point, we’re all excited—Marietta even makes direct eye contact with the camera, clueing us in that something is about to happen.


After a show of magic words which she makes Tommy repeat, Marietta pulls the washcloth carefully back. She takes a quick glance down the bottle to make sure the trick was successful before calling to her husband. “Ok, look down in there, the penny’s inside the bottle.” As poor Tommy lowers his head over it, Marietta gives it a firm squeeze completely soaking him!


Fortunately, her husband is a good sport and the pair of them end up laughing hysterically. All we can guess is that being married for a long time must really make you trust your spouse because this is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Though Marietta might not have a future as a magician, her career as a prankster seems to be only beginning.


Honestly, though, the clip is adorable because of what Marietta and Tommy seem to have together. Not only does Tommy patiently sit through the entire magic trick, he’s not even mad when he gets doused with water. The sense of humor these two share together is something we can only hope to aspire to. Also: it should go without saying that we’re anxiously awaiting on a follow-up prank to hit Facebook any day now—don’t disappoint us, Tommy!

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