Woman with low self-esteem gets makeover to give her confidence, walks out looking like a star
She looks like a completely different person now.
Elijah Chan

There are points in our life when we all need a shot of confidence to claim that second chance.

Life will never pan out the way we’ve planned it.

Terry Marr from Southern California never expected life to happen so fast.

YouTube Screenshot - MAKEOVERGUY
YouTube Screenshot - MAKEOVERGUY

For her, it was jumping from one responsibility after another.

Suddenly she found herself as a middle-aged woman trying to restart her life.

Marr wants to take charge of her life once more.

However, she found the journey difficult because her self-confidence affected her approach to life, how she tackles opportunities and her self-worth.

Christopher Hopkins, founder of MAKEOVERGUY and the author of “Staging Your Comeback, A Complete Beauty Revival for Women Over 45”, wanted to push her over that obstacle.

As Hopkins said, aging can be difficult for women as the way they age does not give justice to who they are and what they’ve been through.

Marr grew up with so much fascination about things beyond what she was used to.

Marr fondly recalls the days when her aunt would stay with them. Her aunt was a flight attendant, and she embodied the life of adventure.

YouTube Screenshot - MAKEOVERGUY
YouTube Screenshot - MAKEOVERGUY

In her college days, she learned more about the power women hold and that they own the future as much as anyone else.

But her inspiration ran short when she took one curveball after the other.

A job that was promised to her didn’t push through. This didn’t deter her from trying harder. She went to Portland to study programming and then called up her mom to see if she could stay a while.

YouTube Screenshot - MAKEOVERGUY
YouTube Screenshot - MAKEOVERGUY

Her life seemed to be finally picking up until she noticed something strange with her mother.

It was soon followed by heartbreaking news after they visited the doctor. Her mother had Alzheimer’s.

What Marr planned for her life had to be put on hold. For the next several years, she worked to provide for and make sure her mother was safe.

YouTube Screenshot - MAKEOVERGUY
YouTube Screenshot - MAKEOVERGUY

Eventually, when her responsibilities were finished, she was way past her “prime.” Nonetheless, she was still eager to start over.

Thankfully, Hopkins was more than excited to help women like her.

Hopkins pointed out the things Marr can accentuate and the styles she can play with.

She came in with a plaid shirt and long, almost wiry hair than ended behind her shoulders.

When Hopkins revealed her transformation, Marr emerged as an entirely different woman. You can’t even recognize her!

She now sports an incredible bob cut that frames her face beautifully and makes her look way younger than she is.

Her wardrobe was also changed to make her look tall.

It was the shot of confidence she needed.

Aside from the physical change, you can also feel her passion for life come back.

She was energized to pick up where she left off, and we know she will do so well in this chapter.

We wish Terry all the best and hope to see more of her as she celebrates her new beginning!

See the end results in the video below!

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