People Are Ditching Wedding Rings For Piercings

March 26th, 2018

Wedding rings have existed for more than 6,000 years, and naturally, a marriage has to be sealed with a beautiful jewel on one’s finger.

However, a somewhat disturbing new trend on social media shows that more and more couples aren’t getting regular wedding rings anymore.

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They choose to pierce their fingers instead.

This painful new trend has spread on Facebook and Instagram, and people are encouraging each other to ditch traditional wedding rings in favor of these finger piercings. The images of the procedure and the even the end results are definitely not for the faint-hearted because it looks very painful to say the least.

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Some of these piercings are relatively simple, with a single diamond or a piece of metal. However, others like to take it to the next level by piercing an entire ring or multiple rods and diamonds together. In short, there are plenty of variations of these wedding piercings, some more excruciating than others.

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Piercing your fingers isn’t without danger, as your finger can take up to an entire year to heal from the procedure.

However, these so-called micro dermal anchors are deemed safe by some body piercers as long as a high-quality material is used and it’s placed thoroughly.

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“Micro dermal anchors are safe and the body will hold them for years, as long as they’re in ideal places and if implant-grade titanium is used,” experienced body piercer Billy DeBerry mentioned to People.

It appears that placing it in the ideal spot is important, as dermatologists warn people that the piercing can move after a while if the anchor isn’t planted deep enough.

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Nonetheless, it appears that these finger piercings have become increasingly more popular lately, most likely due to more exposure on social media platforms. DeBerry has been placing these dermal piercings for over ten years and he says it differs significantly with regular piercings.

“They’re different than other piercings since it’s considered ‘surface work.’ It really lets a person get away from traditional piercings like the ear or nose,” the piercer mentioned. “With the base being anchored into place under the surface of the skin, the tops are interchangeable with a huge variety of colors, shapes and designs.”

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Apparently, the piercings aren’t that difficult to remove, and the man says it’s completely safe and can be done in just “a matter of seconds.”

“No stitches or doctor is needed for removal,” DeBerry said. “It takes seconds to remove them.”

Admittedly, these finger piercings look incredibly painful, although the pain usually isn’t a problem for those who really want one.

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“If it will hurt always depends on the individual,” the body piercer said. “Some people do a lot better than others. But [I think] walking them through the process, and having it being quick, it never gets to the point where someone can’t handle it.”

With almost 4,000 posts on Instagram under the hashtag #fingerpiercing, more and more people are getting one of these micro dermal or surface anchors.

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There doesn’t seem to be a consensus among body piercers as some downright refuse to pierce fingers, because of a high likelihood of ripping, leaving scars and being vulnerable to infections.

A video showing the micro dermal procedure has recently gone viral on Facebook, and many viewers find this new trend simply disturbing.

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“Surface piercings are awesome but have a high chance of rejection and infection. Once they start to get even slightly irritated they get gnarly and disgusting quick. They are neat, but you aren’t likely to have them very long.” Alyssa Helmers commented.

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Yeah… I don’t see this being a good idea. The hand goes through soooo much movement, rough handling, constantly the part of our body that comes in can tact with more germs than any other,” Zach Hughes added.

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