We are all familiar with the tales of a child stumbling upon a priceless comic book in a secondhand shop or a family discovering a hidden wine cellar beneath the floorboards of their new home, worth a small fortune. Some of the most remarkable sales in history have arisen from the unlikeliest of objects. Let’s begin!

Original 1959 Barbie

Maker: Mattel
Original Price: $3
Worth Today: $27,450

Before there was Barbie, dolls were always babies or stuffed toys. It was Barbie that revolutionized the doll market and the toy industry as a whole.

Mattel was the first toy company to advertise to children. This made sure the original sales of Barbie skyrocketed.

Barbie dolls are highly collectible today. An original 1959 Barbie can make you a small fortune.

The initial purchase price was just $3 originally, so that marks a great return on investment. But like any collectible, the unboxed, untouched Barbies command the highest price at auction.