Men are just little boys who are bigger and make more money. They will still play with toys and collect whatever it is they are in to. Take for example baseball cards here.

Cards can make a lot of money, and I mean a lot. Some are even so rare that they’re put up for display. Go through this list and see which of the 80’s cards are the most valuable. To start:

Rickey Henderson Topps Card – $180,100

Hendrickson was known as the “Man of Steal”, and is one of baseball’s greatest baserunners and leadoff hitters. He is ranked among the top 100 all-time home run hitters, while holding the Major League record for career stolen bases, runs, unintentional walks and leadoff home runs.

The man has been a baseball Hall of Famer since 2009.

Topps cards are extremely difficult to preserve, and Rickey Henderson’s were no exception. A perfect-condition Henderson Topps rookie card is super rare, with one selling for a whopping $180,100 in February 2021.