Razor blades are one of those ubiquitous items that can be found in just about every household around. While people used to shave with a straightedge razor that would last them a lifetime, over the years people have opted for the safety disposable razors that can be bought by the budget-friendly bagful. It’s certainly nice to always have a razor handy when you need one, but what about after they’ve lost their edge?

Razor blades tend to pile up around the house after a while because, although they are easy to buy, they aren’t that easy to get rid of. The personal function of the razor blade, to shave the unwanted hair off our skin, makes it a biohazardous waste. Being that they generally maintain some of that sharpness and could easily cut a sanitary worker and spread infectious diseases, they are considered to be non-recyclable. So what are you to do with all those old razor blades?

The good news here is that razor blades can have a ton of other uses, and many of them are just fine if being done with a used blade. From the kitchen to the bathroom and the garage to the great outdoors, no matter where you are you can probably pack an old razor blade with you and find yourself using it more than you ever thought you would. Here are 35 incredibly handy uses for all those old razor blades!