UPS Driver Gets Amazing Tip At Year End - His Hilarious 'Celebration' Lights Up The Internet
This UPS driver is too funny!
D.G. Sciortino

Delivering packages is no easy task. Delivery people have to endure all types of weather like wind, rain, and snow while navigating uneven driveways and steps while trying to avoid unfriendly dogs.

And the holiday season can be even more hectic as there are lots more packages that need to be delivered on time.

That’s why some homeowners, especially those who receive a lot of packages, like to leave their delivery drivers a gift to say “thank you” during the holiday season.

Get Buttoned Up
Get Buttoned Up

While the U.S. Post Office doesn’t allow their workers to receive cash gifts they are allowed to accept non-monetary gifts under $20, according to the USA Today.

FedEx drivers are allowed to accepts tips and gifts not to exceed $75. UPS drivers can accept cash and gifts too though the company prefers their driver to receive gifts.

“You’re going to give what’s comfortable with you and what’s in your budget,” Diane Gottsman, the owner of The Protocol School of Texas, told USA Today. “They have treated you loyally. They have given you good service and you would enjoy receiving future service with them.”

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

We’re not sure what this UPS driver who went viral got as his holiday tip but it must have been REAL good because he did a little happy dance that was caught on surveillance camera.

The video shows the delivery man walking up to the home with a package in his hand.

He scans it with this little computer, then spots a present left for him on the doorstep. He opens the card of the present and places the present down. The camera then cuts out for a minute and cuts back to the driver doing what appears to be a little Irish jig or stepdance.

He then takes a bow and picks up his scanner and present and walks back to his truck. His partner in the truck must have been wondering what the heck was going on as they both drove off in the truck.

He must have gotten a pretty nice Christmas tip if he did a dance over it.

Absolutely hilarious! The homeowner must have been equally as happy to see that their gift was so well received. People work hard and it’s the little gestures like this one that can really make a difference in someone’s day or week.

You can watch this UPS driver’s little happy dance in the video below.

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