Celebrities, despite their fame, couldn’t escape tragedy in these unsolved murder cases. This list highlights notorious unresolved celebrity homicides, with some victims in the midst of filming and others at home. Many cases closed after years of futile searches for suspects, while a few remain open, decades later, as authorities strive to uncover the truth. These mysteries persist, defying resolution and leaving the events surrounding these deaths cloaked in uncertainty.

Bob Crane

In 1978, Bob Crane, the 1960s sitcom star of Hogan’s Heroes, was discovered bludgeoned to death in his Scottsdale, AZ apartment. The brutality of the attack left Crane unrecognizable. John Carpenter, a close friend of Crane’s and the main suspect, shared interests like strip clubs and video equipment with the actor. Despite their close relationship, no weapons or witnesses were found, hindering formal accusations.

The case was reopened in 1990 when an overlooked photo of human tissue in Carpenter’s car emerged. Although Carpenter was arrested and tried for first-degree murder, the case ultimately ended in acquittal due to inconclusive evidence.