Uncle Sits Down To Read Story To Niece, Has Internet Dying Of Laughter When He Does
I can't stop laughing at this man!
D.G. Sciortino

It takes a special someone to touch the heart of a child and make them smile while making their imagination soar. Adam Theroux is that kind of special someone.

Theroux — a videographer, editor, photographer, and musican— is a volunteer with the Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Ocean State (BBBSOS) and has a huge impact on the lives of the children that he mentors.

So much so that he was surprised in January with the “Big Brother of the Year” award. His Little Brother CJ surprised him at work to let him know that he had won the award.

“Adam was so surprised to hear the news and then CJ appeared on the set and Adam was totally blown away,” said BBBSOS Executive Director Katje Afonseca. “I think everyone on set had to hold back tears as the pair embraced, moments like these are what mentoring is all about!”

Providence Chamber
Providence Chamber

Children who have roles models and mentors are more likely to enroll in college participate in extracurricular activities, volunteer, not use drugs, and end up in a leadership position.

CJ’s grandmother, Joanna, said that Adam has helped her grandson to learn compassion.

“Adam is very thoughtful and often thinks of CJ’s sister as well. In turn, this has made CJ much more thoughtful and kind,” said Joanna. “He goes out of his way to take care of them. He is growing more and more responsible every day. CJ is most happy when he knows he is going to spend time with Adam.”

Adam also has a huge impact on his family and is definitely the fun uncle.

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

A video of Adam reading “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?” to his niece Margot has gone viral with more than 2.3 million views. But he doesn’t just read the book to his niece.

He performs the book in the most colorful way using emotion, energy, silly voices, and funny faces.

And it makes little Margot laugh hysterically in the sweetest way. I mean, what is more beautiful than true uncontrollable laughter from a child? When we come up with something we’ll get back to you!

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

Apparently, little Margot has a very specific sense of humor because there’s one voice that her uncle makes that she just loves. She goes into a fit of giggles when he does it but when he changes his voice… nothing.

So, he goes back to doing the voice she likes.

We’re sure that little Margot, and all the other children whose lives Adam has touched, will remember the time spent they spent with him for years to come.

You can watch he and Margot’s adorable interaction in the video below.

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