Twin girls have adorably timed sneeze in viral video
It's lucky that mom was rolling the camera for this! 😂
Johndel Callora

A baby’s cuteness is a force to be reckoned with.

What is it about the sight of an infant that makes almost everyone crack a smile, and elicits “aww” from our mouths? Maybe it’s their huge doe eyes that seem almost too big for their faces. Or perhaps it’s their chubby cheeks that are naturally flushed that you just want to pinch every time. Or it could be their tiny chins jutting out of their delicate heads that get adults to fixate on them.

Last but definitely not least, their smooth skin always smells like milk, which melts adults’ hearts.

Still, if one baby is that cute, how much cuter is it if they are twins?

That’s the case with these twins who mesmerized the internet with their synchronization. Donning their best pink jumpsuits, the twins are doing their usual thing—playing in their crib. Maybe the two sensed that their mom was taking a video. They both looked at the camera to say hello but in a “baby way.”

Suddenly, both sneezed at the same time to their mom’s delight.

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

A hearty chuckle escaped their mother’s mouth upon witnessing this phenomenon, as she was overwhelmed with too much cuteness.

Definitely, not all twins can do that. Luckily everything that transpired during that moment was recorded on camera.

Whether their bodies are connected with each other or it was just pure coincidence, having a twin is not the only thing amazing about them.

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

There is plenty of anecdotal evidence supporting twin telepathy, where twins know the emotional state of the other apropos of nothing.

Still, up until now, these theories haven’t had much scientific basis.

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

Even so, there are some things that are proven true about twins.

Just like forty percent of twins invent their own languages, which are called autonomous languages. Remember that viral video of talking twins in 2011?

Researchers suspect that twin babies use each other as models in developing language when an adult model language is frequently absent.

The “language” consists of inverted words and onomatopoeic expressions.

Another factor is that twins interact with each other in the womb.

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

The researchers said that kinematic analyses of the recordings revealed that the twins made distinct gestures toward each other, and were as gentle to the other’s delicate eye area as they were when they touched their own.

Now, isn’t that cute? These facts are enough to make you want to have twins of your own!

Whatever they do, most of us always find something about them that is just so adorable.

According to Oxford University, all these characteristics trigger our caregiving behaviors, which is vital because infants need our constant attention to survive and thrive.

Their research team found that cuteness supports key parental capacities by igniting fast privileged neural activity followed by slower processing in large brain networks also involved in play, empathy and perhaps even higher-order moral emotions. That’s the power they hold!

When the twins are old enough to understand this video, they would surely be amazed at what they have done when they were little.

After all, it’s a twin thing! If you also want to have a double dose of charm, check out this video below.

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