Twin Girls Realize They Look The Same - Their Response Is Quickly Going Viral

December 27th, 2017

Twins are one of the greatest surprises a mother could hope for. You are blessed with not one special angel, but two – and the best part? They are exactly alike! Well, almost exactly. These two girls realized what it meant to be twins for the first time, and their reactions are adorable.

Alexis and Ava are twins, and it is definitely obvious! These two girls dress the same, do their hair the same, and even act the same. They are an adorable duo. One day, their mom sat them down and explained to them that they are identical twins. Luckily, she caught the whole thing on camera. This conversation is so sweet, it will leave you smiling for hours.

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First, the girls were asked what they thought it meant that they were identical twins. When Ava had no response, Alexis, also known as Lexi, filled in for her. Being twins meant they were “adorable,” of course! This answer left their mom laughing out loud. It was a true statement, just not the one she was looking for.

Lexi and Ava’s minds were blown when they realized they looked perfectly alike! They stared at each other, nose to nose, while locked in one great big hug. The complexity of this moment is not something that could have been captured twice. For the first time, each girl saw her sister as a mirror, rather than as a separate person. The twins realized that they had a special bond that connected them, and the value of this moment showed through their glistening smiles.

Soon Lexi and Ava realized that there were some key differences between them. They shared a birthday, but they were not born at the same time. When Lexi realized that Ava was one minute older, she went into shock. “I want to be older!” she shouted in despair. This poor girl almost cried before her mother told her there was nothing she could to do make Lexi as old as Ava!

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Ava sweetly hugged Lexi and comforted her. “I’m just one minute older,” she explained to her upset sister. Ava knew that this did not mean she was stronger, smarter, or better than her twin. She was simply born first. It is already obvious that the two will be best friends from the way that they console each other.

Next, it was Ava’s turn to have a meltdown. She simply could not handle learning that Lexi was taller than her! To prove that older didn’t mean bigger, the twins stood side by side. When they were lined up, it became noticeable that Lexi was half an inch taller than Ava. This was news that the older twin could not handle.

“I want to grow like my sister,” Ava complained. She didn’t realize that just because her twin was growing faster than her, that did not mean that she had stopped growing. Now, it was Lexi’s turn to give a hug.

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These two girls are the best of friends, but they each have a competitive side, too. Having a twin is a great way to view yourself from a new perspective.

This story reminds us of how silly our childhood worries were, and it shows how precious sisterly bonds truly are.

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