Howie Mandel Arrives At Home And Sees It Covered In ~4,000 Toilet Paper Rolls

January 22nd, 2019

When it comes to pranks, toilet papering someone’s house is an absolute classic. What’s not so classic is using 4,000 toilet paper rolls to TP the mansion of a Hollywood celebrity.

But that’s exactly what happened to comedian Howie Mandel back in 2015, courtesy of famous prankster Roman Atwood.

Atwood isn’t just good at pranking, he’s an expert. His YouTube channel, where he chronicles the elaborate tricks and pranks that he pulls on everyone from his grandmother to his own wife, has more than 10 million subscribers.

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This time, however, Atwood decided to go a little further than his own family members for his next prank.

He enlisted Mandel’s wife and son as well as some of the comedian’s own close to help him turn Mandel’s beautiful mansion into an insane spectacle of … well, toilet paper.

Even with all the help that he could get, it took Atwood, along with Mandel’s family and friends, two hours to get all the toilet paper unrolled and thrown across the house. It was a lot of dedication and hard work and, to be honest. They had no idea how Mandel would even react when he arrived home.

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Four thousand rolls of toilet paper are a lot.

Atwood admitted that as he reflected on the prank. But he also had some reasoning behind why he chose to use so much toilet paper.

“It’s probably too much, but I always like to have way too much than way too little,” he said. “If you wanna see someone’s jaw drop, we need way more.”

Video of the prank shows Atwood opening the truck full of boxes labeled “bath tissue.” He can’t suppress himself as he starts to unpack it, and breaks out into giggles of excitement. Then he and his crew get to work, unpacking rolls of toilet paper, lining them up along the road, and at last, launching them over the house.

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They had so much toilet paper, they even took turns jumping from the top of their truck into a bed of soft, squishy rolls.

Even on top of pavement, they didn’t have a bruise. Their homemade spring mattress protected them.

The toilet paper lined the sidewalk, with rolls upon rolls piled up on top of each other. It’s an unbelievable amount of toilet paper, and Atwood was forging ahead with his plan. They really were going to throw it all over Howie Mandel’s expensive Los Angeles mansion.

Throwing the toilet paper rolls, kicking them up into the air, and letting them spin out across the lawn, the crew slowly turned the beautiful mansion into a spectacle. Toilet paper streamers hung from the palm trees in the front yard. Eventually, you can barely even see the front of the house.

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And when Mandel arrived, let’s just say he was less than pleased.

He did, however, have a lot of questions.

He had just arrived from the airport after flying from New York City to Los Angeles. Mandel probably wasn’t in the greatest mood already. He’d had a long flight and was likely tired, sore, and ready to kick back and relax in his own home.

When they pulled into the driveway, Mandel slowly got out of the car, his mouth hanging open in astonishment.

“Are you kidding me?” he could be heard saying. “Come on! Do you have a camera here? Why do you want to take a picture? It’s not funny! You think it’s funny? Who could get into a gated community? How do you get into a gated community?”

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The whole time, his wife was trying to hide her amusement, but she couldn’t help but let out a couple of giggles, to Mandel’s confusion.

He kept asking her why she was laughing, seeming amazed that she could possibly think this was a funny prank.

In the meantime, Mandel was battling streamers of toilet paper sticking to his shoe. He seemed confused by his son’s lack of a reaction. Of course, he was also frustrated at the thought of trying to clean up what was an absolutely colossal mess.

At last, his son suggested that maybe the prank was done by a professional, but his mother, who was also in on the prank, laughed it off.

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Suddenly, they heard a voice yell at them in an exaggerated Southern accent.

“Howdy-do, neighbor!” it said. “You got any toilet paper?”

With that, Atwood came waddling up the hill as though in the middle of … well, a toilet paper emergency.

Immediately, Mandel’s entire demeanor changed. He went from angry, confused, and frustrated, to exasperated but laughing. Immediately, he knew what was going on.

But Atwood continued to play dumb, though Mandel obviously realized it was him.

“What the hell happened?” he yelled. “I just wish I had filmed it. Howie, I got a flight out at 4:00. I’ll see ya later.”

Thankfully, Atwood and his crew did stay behind to clean the house.

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Source: Roman Atwood