Toddler Rants About TSA
This is too funny! What do you think about airport security?
Britanie Leclair

Mila and Katie Stauffer are a mother-daughter pair known for their videos featuring little Mila discussing various adult topics, such as budgeting, motherhood, and iPhones.


Between their Instagram and Facebook pages, the two have accumulated over 2.1 million followers!

They originally made waves back in October after posting a number of hilarious dress-up pictures such as the following.

The real OG’s of AZ #orangeisthenewblack

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You can see a few of their best costumes featured in this November 2016 Huffington Post article.

Most recently, Katie and Mila have uploaded a video to Facebook and Youtube featuring the toddler describing her experiences with the TSA— experiences that most flyers can definitely relate to!

The entire video consists of the little girl’s rant which begins with, “Airport security. First of all, the line? Sooo long. Ridiculous […] Luckily, I’m still in diapers. This could have been bad.”

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

The little girl then goes on to describe going through the security gates, complaining that the TSA worker took her shoes and sippy cup before putting her on a “spaceship”— a word which she pronounces a little differently than most!

“I thought I was going to Michigan!” the cheeky toddler exclaims.

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

The 58-second video ends with the little girl discrediting her TSA experience, saying:

“TSA— Never again. You’re done. I’m done with you. I’m not cut out for this!”

But not before addressing everything from wait times to pat-downs, explaining, “We can’t go anywhere without causing a scene. It’s mortifying!”


Katie and Mila’s TSA video has been viewed over 4.9 million times on Facebook, in addition to the 505k YouTube views it has also received.

Their fans love the little girl’s personality and maturity; they can all relate to the feelings that she’s expressing.

Some people, however, are less fond of the videos— a sentiment which generally stems from the belief that the little girl is being coached on what to say for the camera.

Regardless of critics, the mother-daughter duo has amassed quite the following, and their TSA video has been shared on Facebook over 56k times. Coached or not, people just can’t seem to resist this little girl’s take on such mature situations.

So, do you think Mila’s being genuine or just acting?

Also, don’t forget to check out their YouTube channel for other adorable videos like this one.

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By Britanie Leclair
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