12 eye-opening photos that will make you think twice about going swimming in the ocean

February 14th, 2018

Swimming can seem like a fun time, especially if you’re swimming in a natural body of water with beautiful sea life. While water is truly a wonder, some people have encountered some truly horrifying organisms that will seriously make you reconsider swimming again!

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Starpridis Source: Starpridis

This photograph captures just how incredibly vast the ocean can be. If you’re anything like us, this is definitely scary!

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Pinimg Source: Pinimg

It’s incredible how large sea animals can be. This whale is absolutely massive and frightening, while still being mesmerizing at the same time.

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Admittedly this is just kelp, but if we saw this in real life, we would run for the hills!

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Asdiver Source: Asdiver

We’ve never seen an octopus this big. What would you do if one got this close?

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Mainfun Source: Mainfun

This one is too scary for words to eloquently capture! We hope to never run into anything so frightening.

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Blog4ever Source: Blog4ever

Who knew stingrays could get so large? This would truly freak us out!

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Ourplnt Source: Ourplnt

We don’t like regular snakes on land, but it turns out we have to worry about them in the waters too?

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4tololo Source: 4tololo

We have no idea what that is, but if it lives in the water, then we’re never stepping into that body of water again.

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Google Source: Google

This larger than life snake is bigger than anything we’ve seen on land.

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Hronika Source: Hronika

Jellyfish are usually small. We can’t even imagine what we would do if we encountered any jellyfish of this size!

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Lavozdelmuro Source: Lavozdelmuro

We’re not comfortable swimming in any body of water that doesn’t have a bottom we can see. This would truly scare us from swimming in this area!

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Avventure Viaggi Source: Avventure Viaggi

We’ve seen Jaws. We’ll stay on land for now.

The oceans, rivers, lakes, and all other forms of natural bodies of water are truly beautiful, but in them, there can be animals that are beyond our biggest dreams (or nightmares!). While these photos presented above are truly stunning, we’ll be sticking to pools for now after seeing these images!

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