For many of us, we believe that money can buy us happiness. We long for material goods and dream of lavish and luxurious experiences all the time. But for the wealthiest men in the world, they face a different reality. These ambitious people are so driven – they’ve worked so hard to build their wealth. But what happens to them once they’re able to buy anything they want and then some?

Well, they start to learn that money doesn’t always equal happiness.

The wealthiest men in the world may have the billions to spend on mansions, cars, and clothes but those mean nothing without the love of a good woman by their side. The wealthy men still need a support system just like everyone else. They long for companionship – it gets lonely the more wealthy you get as there are fewer and fewer people who can relate to you. That’s why these tycoons and moguls have met their matches with equally powerful women who have accomplished a lot in their own right.

Read on and meet some of the most powerful and influential women driving success forward with their famous husbands. They’ve given new meaning to the term power couple.