Teen DIY guru creates prom dress from trash bags

September 23rd, 2019

Duct tape prom apparel has been the rage among high schoolers hoping to nail a $10,000 scholarship and stand out at prom. Aspiring fashion designers have challenged their creativity for the past 18 years that the contest has been around.

Their fun and funky fashion designs are splashed all over social media where their peers give them the thumbs up or a big rejection. It can be tough! Teacher Lori Soard offered some tips online how to make such a bold outfit, such as crafting the outfit completely from scratch or lining existing apparel with colorful tape.

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Last year’s scholarship winner, Emily O’Gara of Nebraska, spent just $58 on her dress, heels and handbag.

The biggest expense was the 20 rolls of duct tape she used to create a gorgeous geometric-patterned dress.

Emily also crafted a matching tux with geometric lapels and a gold waistcoat for her competition partner Ethan Weber. She was inspired by architecture of all things, she told Money.

“What I think helped me was designing a dress that looked like a real dress. So many of the comments we got said things like, ‘Can’t believe that is made out of duct tape’ or ‘I’d wear that dress.’”

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Teen Amber Scholl has blown people’s minds with her prom dress creation made completely from garbage bags of all things. This big DIYer has a YouTube channel with more than three million subscribers who can’t get enough of her ideas, especially this one.

She explains that before she launched her platform, she used to be broke. So she taught herself how to be fancy without spending a lot of money, like designing this prom dress with a basic household staple.

“…that inspired me to learn how to be broke and boujee, and I’ve discovered I have quite the talent for making life luxurious on a dime. So, here are my tips on how to live your life like the queen you are! (even when there’s $20 in your bank account lol)”

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Amber talks about kitchen makeovers, shopping at the Mall of America, denim hacks and the dreaded swimsuit shopping in her videos. But the garbage prom dress segment has garnered more than eight million views.

Her followers begged her create a prom-themed video so she set out to create the trashiest dress she could envision.

Her tweet touting the new prom dress piqued even more interest from her followers.

“When someone calls you trashy, make a dress out of trash bags and prove them fabulously correct.”

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The bodice is made of black trash bag rosettes she shaped herself. The skirt of the floor-length sheer dress she bought at a thrift store is adorned with matching flowers along the bottom.

She walked her viewers through the process of creating the dress from hitting the shops to buy supplies to the actual creation of the dress.

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Her fans and followers fawned over Amber’s creation. She was quite flattered with all the gushing they made over her dress.

“Amber could wear a trash bag and still look bomb.”

Not only did Amber tackle the project suggestion from her fans because she adores her followers, but also because she wanted to emphasize to people that there are creative and affordable ways to acquire a prom dress.

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YouTube/Amber Scholl Source: YouTube/Amber Scholl

As she admired herself in front of the mirror, you can hear her say, “Honestly I think that this is the best DIY I’ve ever done.”

Most people would have to agree. It’s quite fashionable and fantastic!

See for yourself how impressive her talent is and how amazing her dress turns out to be in the video below.

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Source: YouTube/Amber Scholl, Bored Panda, Money