They always say not to get a tattoo of somebody’s name on your body. After all, that person you once held so close to your heart might one day become a source of great pain and frustration for you. Unfortunately, these 35 individuals didn’t listen and had to learn their lesson the hard way. Despite the fact that they loved their significant others dearly at the time that they got the tattoos, in the end, things took a turn for the worst.

Now, they are being perpetually reminded of their past mistakes and it’s up to the tattoo artists to save them. Really, as long as a person is willing to go big, there is nothing that some more additional ink can’t fix. That’s what these photos prove. From tattoo disasters to beautiful masterpieces, these people will be forever grateful to the artists that helped them to cover up their terrible ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriend names for good and move on with their lives.