Woman At Airport Is Forced To Buy $15 Box Of Tampons, Leaves Note That Sparks Outrage Online
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D.G. Sciortino

Most of us have been the victim of price gouging at one time or another. And most of us just suck it up and deal with it leaving the next person to be victimized by what is likely a wealthy corporation.

So, it’s ultra satisfying when a company is caught in the act and forced to right their wrong.

One woman visiting the Calgary International Airport didn’t initially intend to create change when she posted about the insanely high cost of tampons at the airport… but she did.

Carlee Field was in the bathroom at the airport and came out of the stall to wash her hands when she spotted a box of opened U by Kotex tampons with an angry note.


“None of the tampon vending machines work in this area so I was forced to buy this, the note read. $15 box from Relay. Not acceptable!

Please take one if you need one.”

Carlee Fries
Carlee Fries

Carlee was so impressed that she shared a picture of the tampons on Reddit with the caption: “Lady bro in the bathroom of the Calgary Airport! I appreciate you!” She just wanted to shout out a person for her kindness, little did she know that she would bring awareness to the ridiculously high cost of feminine hygiene products and get the airport to make a change.

The airport staff ended up responding to her Reddit post saying that they were going to change the cost of tampons.

“Our maintenance team has checked and filled all vending machines in the washrooms, and our retailer Relay has adjusted the price of tampons to $6.25, effective immediately,” the airport wrote, according to BBC.

Kristinie C
Kristinie C

One of the airport’s spokespeople also said that essential items like tampons and pads can be obtained free of charge at any airport information booth, Metro News reports.

Feminine hygiene products are necessary for a woman and can prevent those who can’t afford them from attending work, school, or social functions when they are without.

Field told CTV Calgary that she was glad that she and the anonymous woman could bring awareness to this important issue affecting women.

“Fifty per cent of the population needs these things and she helped make a difference that day,” she said. “Thank you. From woman to woman, you’re fantastic.”

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