Susan Boyle stirs hearts singing magical Christmas duet with Elvis
It doesn't get more beautiful than Susan's heavenly voice combined with the King's.
Jenny Brown

Being able to say you have a duet with Elvis Presley sounds like a dream come true.

Amazingly, Susan Boyle was able to ‘collaborate’ with the King – only it was in a very unique way.

Fans around the world were given a glorious gift when Boyle combined talents with Presley for a rendition of “O Come, All Ye Faithful.”

The song appeared on her album “Home for Christmas,” and it’s still giving listeners chills anytime they hear it.

Unsplash - Jace & Afsoon
Unsplash - Jace & Afsoon

Susan Boyle made her break into the music industry after appearing on “Britain’s Got Talent.”

During her audition, she had jaws dropping the moment she began to sing, “I Dreamed a Dream.”

Although Boyle didn’t take home the BGT crown that season, she’s had a successful singing career ever since. The songstress has sold millions of albums worldwide and is recognized for her angelic voice.

Facebook - Susan Boyle
Facebook - Susan Boyle

With a voice so heavenly it’s no surprise that Boyle brings charm to every Christmas tune she sings.

More than 35 years after his passing, Boyle released a posthumous duet with the late Elvis Presley.

Metro reported that she received permission from Priscilla for the project.

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The goal of the musical fusion wasn’t just for Boyle’s success.

In fact, the single was created with all the proceeds (outside of the U.S.) going to the Save the Children Fund.

Boyle, who was one of the charity’s global ambassadors, said:

“Duetting with Elvis was beyond my wildest dreams. And now that this is able to raise money and help children is simply fantastic.”

The Scottish singer filmed the music video for “O Come, All Ye Faithful” at a Glasgow school.

She enjoyed all the time she got to spend with the children.

In an interview with Save The Children, Boyle shared:

“I’ve had the privilege of spending time with families from a FAST programme, Families & Schools Together, that is run at a school in Glasgow. To see the money raised in action and the difference it makes to these families is wonderful. It really does help people.

YouTube Screenshot - Susan Boyle
YouTube Screenshot - Susan Boyle

She continued:

“The children from the FAST programme also joined me for the music video, we had a lovely two days and the children were fabulous. They were all stars!”

As for all the money earned on the single in the U.S., it was to be given to the Elvis Presley Charitable Foundation.

Get ready to fall in love with Susan Boyle and The King’s duet of the Christmas classic.

YouTube Screenshot - Susan Boyle
YouTube Screenshot - Susan Boyle

The two artists share the lyrics to the song as children in the video prepare for a Christmas pageant.

While there are signs of it being a nativity scene – there are also kids dressed in various other costumes too.

There’s one child, in particular, that can’t be missed. A little boy is dressed up in a white suit, sunglasses, and is carrying a guitar.

He’s the video’s own “Elvis Presley.”

YouTube Screenshot - Susan Boyle
YouTube Screenshot - Susan Boyle

Near the end of the rendition, Boyle’s singing by herself on the stage of the school auditorium.

That’s when little Elvis walks out and stands right beside her, creating a powerful moment.

Eventually, all of the children take the stage with Boyle at the very end of the performance.

The entire scene combined with the song is enough to pull on your heartstrings.

YouTube Screenshot - Susan Boyle
YouTube Screenshot - Susan Boyle

This stunning cover of “O Come, All Ye Faithful” has earned over 1.7 million views on YouTube for good reason.

Be sure to check it out below!

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