Instagram/Jack Martin Colorist
Instagram/Jack Martin Colorist

Some people loathe gray, especially when riddled across a hairline. But from a different perspective, gray’s gorgeous. Take George Clooney, for example. He’s been rocking the “silver fox” title for years. Seriously, he’s a silver-haired heartthrob. Even Steve Carell’s rocking the gray now.

As the Grateful Dead so eloquently stated in their 1987 hit “Touch of Grey,”

“Every silver lining’s got a touch of grey.”

Jack Martin, a California hair stylist, has a somewhat unconventional take on gray. Instead of running from it, he embraces the gray.

Three years ago, a regular came to Jack seeking to ditch her brown dyeing routine. She didn’t want to worry about her hair color anymore. Jack welcomed the challenge, proceeding to dye her hair silver, adding some sheen to her now natural hair color. They both loved the results, becoming a big hit on social media. They clearly weren’t the only ones who loved the splashes of silver, ushering in a new wave of business for Jack.

Check out 50 of Jack’s happiest clients, featuring some of his best work. Some people loathe gray, other’s own it.