Natalie Trayling Plays Street Piano
When this elderly pianist sat at the piano, no one expected her to be this good. It's even more impressive that she performed an original piece.
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Natalie Trayling, an Australian street performer, is “arguably the best ‘unknown’ composer in the world today.” Or at least her son, Melbourne based musician Matthew Trayling, thinks.

But you probably will too after you see this video of her breathtaking performance.

Matthew created a YouTube channel not only to promote his music but his incredibly talented mother’s as well.

“As you go through his uploads it is quite obvious that Natalie is gaining world wide recognition not just as a street performer, but as a ‘profound musical genius,’ a description she rightly deserves, and to add… is agreed with my many,” his YouTube channel reads.

Natalie Trayling
Natalie Trayling

Natalie has been playing in the streets for Melbourne for years, finding pianos to play in stores, hotels, and on her own when she could afford it one. But her life hasn’t been an easy one.

Natalie, who is now in her 80s, suffered through the death of her two daughters, homelessness, and bad health, according to the Daily Mail.

Her music, which has a sweet sadness to it, has seen her through it all. She even played at the hospital where she was staying because of an illness.

“Music is everything,” she said in an ABC News special. “I do feel part of it. The whole world is music.”

Natalie Trayling
Natalie Trayling

Natalie has been a staple in Melbourne for years but became an internet sensation after her son Matthew posted a video of her performance on YouTube. That video now has more than 6 million views.

“It’s her and the piano becoming one,” Mathew told Daily Mail. “It is a remarkable story. The music is the story.”

The video is of Natalie, who is a classically trained pianist, playing a piece that she composed between the ages of 13 and 14 and finished later on in her life.

It’s sweet, somewhat somber, and absolutely magical. It has the ability to take you away to someplace else that you can’t quite describe.

Natalie Trayling
Natalie Trayling

The video reached 1 million views on her 80th birthday.

“This is not just phenomenal… it’s rightly earned by her,” Mathew writes in the video’s description. “The world is listening, and not just listening to an old lady playing piano on the street, but listening to a musical genius. Happy birthday my dear mother. The world is now listening and so are your two only daughters (Jo-Anne and Kerin) listening from heaven.”

You can watch this video below.

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