Street busker joins man at piano for "boogie woogie" jam

September 9th, 2019

Music has such a powerful ability to bring people together, breaking through the barriers of life and simply making us all feel happy and inspired. No matter what we’re feeling and what’s going on in our lives, music can make a difference, and as these talented men prove, you can find masterful musicians in the most unlikely of places!

Theophilus ‘Boogie’ Martins is a highly talented piano player based in London, England. He runs his own YouTube channel, sharing videos of him playing ‘boogie woogie’ jams, both at home and in public.

Boogie woogie music became popular back in the 1920s, but it had been developing for several decades before then.

The piano is the typical instrument used in boogie woogie compositions, which blend elements of blues and ragtime music, sometimes with a little rock and roll too. It’s beautiful music designed to get people dancing, and you can’t help listening to it without wanting to tap your feet and move your body from side to side.

In one of his latest uploads, Theophilus was joined by a busker for a very special duet.

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‘Platform 88’, a joint effort from Yamaha and Transport for London, has led to several Yamaha pianos being installed in public places around London, like in the Tottenham Court Road London Underground subway station.

Anyone is allowed to sit down and play the pianos to their heart’s content, showing off their super skills or just playing around and seeing what they can do.

It was at one of these pianos that Theophilus sat down, ready to play, when he was approached by another musician, a busker named Joe.

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With his guitar in hand, Joe proposed a duet with Theophilus, who was thrilled by the idea, and the pair started to play.

The pair work so well together! Theophilus’ upbeat tempo and jaunty tune fuses perfectly with Joe’s electric guitar on the side. Countless people pass by in the busy London station, all enjoying the irresistible beats of these two terrific musicians.

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Theophilus’ talent is simply extraordinary to behold, as he barely even needs to look at the keys while playing a super catchy beat, and Joe proves to be the perfect partner for him, showing that two different styles can work wonderfully well together.

Not too many people have seen the video yet, but it’s already received a lot of positive comments:

Great job, guys! You both did better than amazing.

Brilliant, the guitarist is amazing too !!

Bravo my friend you guys rock, where can I buy your albums
omg what a play man! I love so much that mix with the guitar good jobb

Theophilus and Joe definitely form a super combo and we hope to hear them playing together again someday! Check out the full performance in the video below and be sure to check out Theophilus’ channel to see and hear even more of his amazing boogie woogie beats.

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Source: Theophilus ‘Boogie’ Martins