Stevie Wonder and Son Perform On Dancing With The Stars

November 23rd, 2018

When world-renowned musician Stevie Wonder appeared on Dancing With The Stars: Juniors this week, the crowd went absolutely insane.

However, they weren’t just cheering for Stevie.

This time, it was his 13-year-old son, Mandla Morris, and dancing partner Brightyn Brems who stole the show.

Music legend Stevie Wonder was just a background singer.

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As Stevie performed his classic hit “Isn’t She Lovely”, Mandla and Brightyn carried out an epic Foxtrot ballroom dance.

The foxtrot is not an easy dance to do, characterized by its progressive nature and smooth flowing movements, but the young dancing pair made it look almost effortless. It’s hard to imagine the amount of practice it must have taken.

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The judges were quite impressed too, and they also recognized how much it meant to be able to perform alongside an all-time great like Stevie Wonder and still hold it together.

“Well first it is so incredible to have the amazing Stevie Wonder performing tonight, I know if I had to do a performance with my dad on Dancing With The Stars it would not have looked like that,” said judge Adam Rippon.

“You were so good, this is probably one of your best dances.”

Val Chmerkovskiy added that the performance was “incredible”, and Stevie Wonder who is well known for being blind joked, “It looked good to me!”

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However, if there is one judge that all the contestants hope to win over, it is famous singer-songwriter and choreographer Mandy Moore. After the performance she had nothing but good things to say:

“I was watching a beautiful couple twirling around the dance floor, you will remember this moment forever,” said Moore.

Everyone loved their song choice as well, even Stevie himself. Isn’t She Lovely was a song he wrote way back in 1975 to commemorate the birth of his first daughter, Aisha, who joined the pair on stage to congratulate them as they finished the performance.

Mandla is the seventh born of the singer’s nine children.

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Stevie commented to the cameras backstage about his son’s song selection:

“He made a great choice, I am very happy he did and very thankful.”

In the end, the judges gave the duo an amazing overall score, 27 out of 30, and it seems like it was definitely well deserved.

Users on Twitter couldn’t stop talking about the performance. The combination of the young stars dancing and Stevie Wonder singing away in the background made quite the impression.

And of course, everyone loves Isn’t She Lovely. It’s just such a catchy tune.

Although the series still has a ways to go until the winners are chosen, it is pretty clear that Mandla Morris and Brightyn Brems will definitely be among this year’s top contenders.

See the video below to watch Mandla and Brightyn’s amazing Dancing With The Stars: Juniors performance.

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