Soldier Sings 'Amazing Grace' But Rendition Goes Viral When Division Joins With Perfect Harmonies

August 14th, 2018

We as Americans put great pride in our flag and representing the United States as civilians and patriots to the rest of the world. The brave men and women who sign up to defend and protect us do not do it for themselves but as citizens of this nation so the rest of us can continue to enjoy its benefits.

It is a selfless and honorable act and these soldiers dedicate their lives to carrying out orders as necessary. All jobs have their ups and downs and a certain level of stress is expected but in the armed services, an average day on the job can also mean life and death. The toll for error is much higher and that will naturally be accompanied by an increase of stress on a person.

Everyone needs to relax, to take a break from daily tasks and there are so many ways to do this. Going home for a visit to see friends and family, going out for dinner, dancing at a bar or even taking a vacation. But soldiers are often deployed or on assignment and have to find other outlets.

For one group of very talented soldiers, when they kick back and relax it is through song and in a very patriotic way.

A small group of soldiers from the U.S. Army 82nd Airborne Division have been showing their stars and stripes in a big way as the All-American Chorus. This band of singers not only serve their country through the military but by providing some light and entertainment to life their fellow soldiers.

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This amazing a cappella group currently perform not only for high-ranking officers and officials but also for special military events as well. The group was started early in the 1960’s primarily to perform at Sunday services and has continued as a tradition ever since.

They may have previously been under the radar but this group is on fire and people couldn’t love them or their patriotic spirit more.

After a video of the group was posted to social media it was picked up and has gone viral. It is the most inspirational yet simple impromptu video of the group casually singing “Amazing Grace” and “God Bless America”. Sitting around the table talking and collaborating on material, this choir probably had no idea their rendition of these patriotic melodies would be seen and felt by so many.

These amazing soldiers look so comfortable just belting out the lyrics together without the help of music and it’s enough to give you chills. You can also see that a great deal of their camaraderie and team spirit comes from the lead member of the group, Christian Brailey from Fayetteville, North Carolina and we can see (and hear!) why.

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With this video hitting the internet at light speed, people who knew Christian before came out saying they had always known he would use his voice to do something amazing. It is easy to see how well this group gets along and why they are able to bring such beauty and melody to their music. Not only do they honor their country with their service but also through song and with their incredible voices. Watch the video below to see the performance that is sure to touch your heart.

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Source: Youtube