20 Amazing Sculptures From Tokyo's Biggest Snowstorm
A recent snowstorm rocked Tokyo and caused travel delays—but it also lead to incredible snow art. Which sculpture is your favorite?
Ryan Aliapoulios

Tokyo was recently hit with one of its largest snowstorms in at least four years.

All told, the city was blanketed in more than six inches of snow, all of which caused travel delays and other complications. As this example shows, our attitude towards snow tends to change as we get older. The cold becomes the dominant factor in our minds and we forget the joy and the fun of the season. And when we talk about the fun part of the season, we’re usually talking about snow. As children, the fun of and potential of playing with snow is immediately apparent—but as we get older, many of us lose sight of this simple fact. If we can get over the cold, playing with the snow can be an art form in itself.

Fortunately, the citizens of Japan at large are no strangers to the art of snow craft. Here are 20 of the best Japanese snow sculptures.

1. This tribute to a national classic.

Check out that intricate scale and tooth work!

2. This poor, helpless little dog.

The one outstretched paw is a particularly nice touch, here.

3. Two Disney characters for the price of one.

Hopefully, everyone out there saw Big Hero 6 and Frozen!

4. Here are some other characters you may recognize…

It’s not just Disney moves that are getting made into snowmen.

5. Jabba the Hutt also made an appearance.

This one took a ridiculous amount of snow to accomplish.

6. So did Snoopy and his doghouse.

Always helpful to have a toddler for size comparison.

7. Can’t forget about Mario, either.

It even includes one of the plumbing tubes that Mario is so fond of.

8. This one’s a little simpler but no less adorable.

The use of powder and wet, fluffy snow to make the cat look especially cuddly is a nice touch.

9. Kachow!

Bonus points if you read that last heading in Owen Wilson’s voice.

10. There were even Easter Island statues.

Some extra creativity marks are in order for this one.

11. This one is actually pretty functional as well.

Better be one of the first in line if you want to actually use this thing.

12. There was even a sculpture of the Predator on display.

As it turns out, no characters and no genres were off limits!

13. The collection wouldn’t be complete without a Pikachu.

Ah, to be a kid again.

14. Don’t forget about Yoshi, either!

This little dinosaur looks even cuter in real life.

15. Or there’s this unique sculpture of a human head.

We really appreciate the creativity and the originality on this one.

16. When it turns out really well, you might want to strike a pose with your art.

Now, Totoro has a couple neighbors of his own!

17. This alien from Toy Story is a personal favorite.

Strangers! From the outside!

18. This one seems to be an invitation for the worst…

Not sure about the toilet fixation here… but it’s still pretty impressive.

19. This is a pretty realistic panda.

Still, the eyes on this one are a little scarier than we’re used to.

20. Sometimes you just have to pay homage to the classics.

Now that is one fine looking snowman!

Which one of these is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!

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