Scientists Say That There’s A Disgusting Way To Live Longer

May 14th, 2019

One inevitability of a long term relationship is that couples end up doing some gross stuff in front of each other. But while things like squeezing zits and picking noses are just plain horrible, it turns out that another embarrassing thing might actually be beneficial.

Researchers from the University of Exeter say that the thing that makes farts stink is an important factor in living longer.

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This thing is hydrogen sulfide. Smelling hydrogen sulfide prevents mitochondrial damage. Mitochondrial damage is when cells get stressed from diseases. For cells to repair themselves, they need to absorb in hydrogen sulfide.

Yes, that really is the stuff in farts that stinks!

If a cell can’t find the hydrogen sulfide, then it dies, making it harder for the body to control inflammations.

But this discovery is just the tip of the iceberg. The researchers have used this discovery to investigate other potentially healthy effects of hydrogen sulfide on the body.

Nobody yet knows, but this gas may be a component in fighting cancer, dementia, arthritis and a range of other diseases.

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Although it sounds silly, this discovery could have really important results for humanity.

The researchers at Exeter University have also created a compound that delivers tiny amounts of hydrogen sulfide to the cells that need them.

But people who are smelling their partner’s farts don’t need to take this compound. They’re already getting a healthy supply!

Anyone who regularly farts around their partner will be overjoyed to hear this.

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It’s not often that people get validation for their gross habits. But now the farters can argue that they’re just doing it for their partner’s health.

Perhaps in the future, hospitals could pay people to donate farts for the creation of hydrogen sulfide compounds. This could be a similar process to donating blood. Although, hopefully, this kind of donation won’t require any kinds of tubes.

It may sound crazy to us now, but many medical practices of the modern age would seem strange to people from the past.

Just imagine trying to explain the importance of sperm donorship to someone from the 18th century.

In fact, the world has already had to accept a truth that’s similar to this discovery.

It’s become so commonplace, that you’ve probably never considered just how shocking it is.

In the 1940s, scientists undertook the first studies into heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer and other diseases. For the first time, they were able to prove that fatty foods that taste good are actually bad for people.

Imagine hearing for the first time that food like chocolate, french fries and cheese was bad for you. You no longer have to imagine, because you’ve just learned that smelling farts is good for you! The people of the 1940s/50s had a very similar experience when they heard about why they were unhealthy.

There’s one more awkward thing that’s come about because of this discovery.

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Scientists will now have to ask some of the oldest people in the world if the secret to their extreme old age is smelling their partner’s farts.

The two living 116-year-olds in the world would probably be appalled by that question. But it’s a serious scientific question that could help the University of Exeter in verifying their claim!

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