Siblings Sing Beautiful Cover Of “Country Roads” While Cleaning

July 7th, 2020

When you’re told to clean the bathroom, it’s a chore that’s not much fun. But if you have a guitar and a close sibling who can harmonize with you, then any old household chore is instantly fun. But rarely do a chore and a tune come together to make a memorable video. These two siblings are caught in the act, as they clean the bathroom and sing an outstanding version of a John Denver classic.

Their voices together make the angels jealous.

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Branson Waite is a recent high school graduate who grew up in a musical family. With the help of his mother, Branson began posting videos singing and playing guitar over the last five years.

On Branson’s Facebook page, he says…

“I love to sing! I hear music in everything I do, it’s pretty much my life.”

He’s joined on “stage” or “bathroom sink” by his sister Brooke, who’s been singing with her brother since they were very young.

The family has been through some hard times together. Finding themselves homeless after the 2009 financial crisis, the experience brought them closer together as a family. Their parents found the money and surprised them with guitars that same year. Music has always been the glue that bonds them.

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3 Odd Summer

Branson along with his sisters, Brooke and Calli Waite joined together to make the country trio, 3 Odd Summer. The group is getting set to take the country music scene by storm.

“They have been singing together since early childhood and music has been the thread that’s brought them closer together through the years.”

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That Sibling Harmony

Some folks call it, Blood Harmony, when siblings grow up singing together and harmonize in ways that seem unearthly. It’s as if the celestial angels have taken advantage of the close proximity of siblings. Some great examples of blood harmony in recorded music are the Louvin’ Brothers, The Everly Brothers, and The Bee Gees.

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Country Roads

The song is considered John Denver’s signature tune. “Take Me Home, Country Roads,” is a song written by Bill Danoff, Taffy Nivert, and John Denver. Released as a single in 1971, the song about West Virginia was certified Gold by the RIAA on August 18, 1971. The song went on to transcend beyond West Virginia and became a mainstay in popular culture’s vision of America.

Branson and Brooke take the song to wonderful heights, and they’re only singing in a bathroom while doing a menial chore. That’s saying something about these two.

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Cleaning the Bathroom

They never knew that their mom was recording them. She just snuck up after she heard them singing. “I asked them to clean the bathroom.” Mom says on the original post. And only ten minutes in she heard them singing together. She grabbed her phone and captured the candid moment and it has received over 700 thousand views on YouTube and over 134 thousand shares on Facebook.

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Youtubers are loving this sibling harmony.

“I keep coming back here to listen. Your version of this song is constantly stuck in my head. Beautiful!”

“He REALLY sounds like John Denver at some points. And she sounds like an angel.”

And some comments joke about using a guitar to get out of doing your chores.

He’s only playing the guitar as an excuse not to clean, lmao. But seriously this is the best version I’ve ever heard.

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Enjoy the video below and hear what great sibling harmony sounds like.

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