Scared little girl begs for neighbors help through doorbell cam after fleeing from bobcat

December 22nd, 2020

Having a secure home is important for the safety of you and your family.

There are a lot of security systems out there, promising 24-hour protection from would-be trespassers and burglars.

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One company, Ring, has been very active with advertising their security system–especially during the holidays.

With so many packages being purchased and left on doorsteps, there has been a rise in theft.

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To combat this, Ring has created a feature that allows the homeowner to watch a live video stream of anyone who has come onto their porch.

It also allows them to talk to the visitor–friendly or otherwise–through a speaker on the doorbell from the homeowner’s phone.

This has been great in deterring package thieves, but it comes in handy in other ways as well.

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In the video below, you can watch as one family’s Ring system helps out a scared little neighbor girl who has just run away from a bobcat.

The Ring starts to record right as the little girl comes onto the porch.

She knocks a few times, hoping that somebody is home.

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When no one answers, she knocks again, louder this time.

The little girl looks back over her shoulder afraid that the bobcat may have followed her.

When no one comes to the door, the girl begins starts to cry.

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Then she hears a voice–it’s the homeowner’s daughter.

She says hi to the little girl, who’s name is Lauren, and tells her that she’ll be home soon, thinking that Lauren just wants to play.

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But Lauren quickly explains her situation.

She says, “No, please come open the door. There’s a bobcat and I want to come in! Please!”

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The homeowner hears what Lauren just told her daughter and tells her that they will be home in just a minute.

She tells Lauren to stay right there.

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Lauren, who is still very scared, asks again if anyone is home.

The homeowner tells her again to stay where she is and that she’ll be home in a minute.

Lauren says okay and then adds, “I really want to come in because, my mom, I don’t know where my mom is. I think my mom is back home and I saw it.”

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Lauren is visibly shaken up, but having someone to talk to is helping her calm down.

The homeowner instructs her daughter to stay on the phone with Lauren to try and keep her calm and feeling safe.

The daughter reminds Lauren that they will be home soon and that when they get home, they will call her mom and everything will be okay.

Laurens seems to calm down as the homeowner tells her how close she is to being home and she remains on the phone until she arrives.

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If it weren’t for this Ring system, Lauren would have been on her own trying to deal with this scary situation.

But thanks to Ring’s awesome technology that allows you to talk to the people on your porch, this little girl was able to be comforted by her neighbor even though she wasn’t physically there.

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