Rocky The Orangutan Meets A Burn Victim
His unexpected reaction touched Darci Miller and her fiance. They didn't expect it would touch millions around the world as well.
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Primates of all kinds are some of our closest relatives.

Although all life forms share the majority of their DNA, primates have much more in common with us than certain other animals. As a result, they have a higher ability to communicate with us and to empathize with what we’re feeling. Some of these moments show how much more closely connected we are to animals than we think.

One adorable story out of Indiana shows just how understanding these animals can be. Hisgett
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It was a normal day at the Indiana Zoo for Darci Miller who was out with her fiancé, Jason Costello.

Miller and Costello had arrived near the orangutan area and were looking around. Miller approached the glass when Rocky the orangutan came up to her, signaling curiously at her arm and shoulder area. As it turned out, Miller had suffered serious burns on the area in 2015 and was in the process of healing.

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

Rocky saw Miller’s burns and wanted to inspect her himself.

With the help of her fiancé filming the interaction, Rocky points and signals to Miller to turn and reveal her arm and the burned areas, all while looking at her intently and considering the burns.

According to Miller, the interaction she had with Rocky was one of the best:

“The orangutan was completely interested in my burn scars and recent surgery sights . . . I am a burn survivor from 2015, it has been up and down but this particular day made me feel really good about myself.”

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

Fortunately for viewers, the entire exchange between Miller and Rocky was captured on video.

The clip has made the rounds and has been covered by news outlets including The Mirror and MSN. Though Rocky is unable to do much to help Miller himself, he continues looking at her and tries to make any kind of contact he can. Needless to say, the two shared a meaningful moment together.

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

In all, this story a moving example of how connected we are on Earth.

Although they are not even the same species, Rocky’s curiosity about Miller made her feel safe, comforted and cared for. If there’s one thing that can be learned from this story, it may be that we could all stand to be a little more like Rocky the orangutan.

Here’s to you, Rocky!

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