Retired friends called ‘Old Coots’ set up booth at farmer’s market and give free life advice
It may not be the best advice, but they sure are funny. 😂
Jenny Brown

Old Friends with New Ideas

Have you ever sat with your friends, laughing and sharing stories from the past?

It’s a great feeling.

But what happens when you’ve told all your stories, not once, not twice, but maybe a hundred times?

Pexels - Viktoria Alipatova
Pexels - Viktoria Alipatova

That’s where Tony Caputo and his buddies found themselves one day in Salt Lake City, Utah.

A Day at the Coffee Shop

They were at their favorite coffee shop, sipping their drinks and watching the world go by.

They had shared all their stories, and there was a moment of silence.

But then, Tony had a light bulb moment.

He saw the farmers market bustling with people across the street and thought, “Why not share our years of wisdom with others?”

The “Old Coots” Idea Comes to Life

The idea was simple but brilliant.

They would set up a booth at the market and give life advice.

And so, the next weekend, they did just that.

They had a big sign that read, “Old Coots Giving Bad Advice” and a smaller one that cheekily added, “It’s probably bad advice, but it’s free.”

They sat there, waiting for people to come up and ask questions.

And guess what? People did!

A Variety of Questions

At first, a few curious folks approached, asking questions about school, work, relationships, and even tech stuff like which cell phone to buy.

But as the hours went by, the line grew longer and longer.

People of all ages, from teenagers to the elderly, stood waiting their turn to ask the “Old Coots” a question.

Listening with Care

One thing that stood out was how seriously the “Old Coots” took each question.

Tony said, “We always listen carefully.”

They didn’t just give random answers.

They thought about each question and gave the best advice they could.

Adding More Voices

The group started with just men, but they soon realized they needed more diverse voices to answer some questions, especially those from women.

So, they invited a few women to join them.

This made their booth even more popular!

Becoming Famous

Word spread about the “Old Coots” and their advice booth.

They became the main attraction at the farmers market.

People even traveled from other cities just to ask them questions.

Their popularity led them to start a Facebook page and, later, a podcast where people from all over could call in and seek advice.

Praise from Everywhere

People loved the “Old Coots.”

Reviews poured in.

One person said, “They know everything, simple as that!”

Another added, “These are the wisest old folks you’ve ever asked advice from.”

Their unique charm even got them invited to popular TV shows.

A Ray of Sunshine in Tough Times

With all the challenges we face today, it’s comforting to know there are people like the “Old Coots” out there.

They remind us that no matter how tough things get, a little advice, a listening ear, and a good laugh can improve everything.

Hear some of their advice in the video below!

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