Customers rage over sign on door – restaurant refuses to take it down

November 15th, 2019

It is not uncommon for store owners to place different types of signage on their doors, but this one caught the attention of almost the whole town.

Police Officers In For A Surprise

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Many people acknowledge that the Police officers that protect them have a thankless job. Yet they are often taken for granted but not in this particular case.

KFC in Gallipolis, Ohio Takes An Amazing Step

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This particular KFC branch believed that the Police Officers that protect them were not being shown enough appreciation so they took matters into their own hands by providing them with free meals each and every day no matter what time it was.

The Storefront Sign

In order to get the word out quickly, they posted a sign in the front window of their store advertising their intention.

What Did The Police Officers Think?

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For them it was more than just the fact they were going to get free KFC any time they liked. It was the thought behind it. The appreciation it depicts means a lot to them.

How It Fared On Facebook

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It wasn’t long before the sign was highlighted in a facebook post

Within a short time, it had gathered 10,000 likes.

The KFC Staff

This act of appreciation doesn’t just involve the owners of the KFC it means extra work for the staff. Many of them placed comments on the Facebook post making sure that everyone understood that they were more than happy to do this too.

Some Disgruntled Individuals

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Most for think this was a wonderful gesture but there were some that were not too happy with it.

Those that were not happy thougt that it was unfair to single out the Police Officers for this gesture when there are other professionals that are just as deserving that work within emergency situations.

The Response

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One police spoke his mind about the negativity that was being posted in the Facebook comments and no doubt he was speaking the minds of many others of the officers. The officer pointed out that he never has expectations of being treated differently than anyone else simply because of the work he has chosen to do. He has never nor will ever expect free items or special treatment, and he has the same respect for other professionals as he does for his fellow officers. He points out that it was the gesture that was so appreciated in this circumstance.

The controversy was so great that all of the photos and comments regarding this issue are no longer available on the Facebook page.

The Take-Away

Police Officers are never off the job even when they are off duty. They never become private citizens when they can walk away from an event merely because they don’t want to become involved. It seems that once they commit to wearing that uniform their pledge to serve and protect is active 24/7 365 days of the year. It only seems fitting that the KFC would take this positive step, and it is no way undermining all of the others who are committed to public service.

As far as the KFC Branch is concerned….Too bad! The sign stays and so does the offer.

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