Residents jam smash-hit across apartment buildings with smoothest sax

June 2nd, 2021

It is indeed not an easy thing to be quarantined for days, weeks, or months. Not being able to go anywhere but only within the perimeters of your home is something that most people are not used to. Many of us love to socialize and spend our leisure time outside the house.

Staying safe at home

When in quarantine, you cannot also do the things you enjoy doing, like running, hiking, and those team sports you usually play with friends. But it is best to obey the authorities to avoid trouble. Going against the laws can definitely be a problem. We need not add to the miseries of the world brought by the pandemic.

Saxophonists entertain themselves and their neighbors in quarantine

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YouTube - JK Sax - Juozas Kuraitis Saxophonis Source: YouTube - JK Sax - Juozas Kuraitis Saxophonis

A good thing for these saxophonists is that they can still play music together despite staying inside their homes for the quarantine.

Despite the distance, they have found a way to entertain themselves and, what more, their neighbors! What lucky neighbors!

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YouTube - JK Sax - Juozas Kuraitis Saxophonis Source: YouTube - JK Sax - Juozas Kuraitis Saxophonis

Juozas Kuraitis is a saxophonist from Vilnius, Lithuania, and received his Master Degree in 2008 from the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. He has joined several competitions and won some of them. With years of experience, he has become a very versatile player. He can play free jazz, mainstream jazz, contemporary, Latin, pop, and other music.

Feeling bored from not being able to do so many things while at home, he and his friend Rokas Barzdžius decide to play some music for everyone to hear. Rokas lives across his apartment building.

They take turns playing their saxophone to Ariana Grande’s hit “Señorita.”

Nothing can stop the two for a saxophone duet

While the two feel fantastic about playing their saxophone in duet even if they are a distance away, their neighbors also feel fortunate. They are pleased to hear great entertainment of music from these incredible musicians. Who doesn’t like hearing saxophone music by the way?

The saxophone’s sound is smooth, sensual, romantic, and quite relaxing to hear. This is why most people enjoy listening to the saxophone, which sounds quite good for any kind of music. So their neighbors are certainly not complaining even if these two play their instruments the entire day.

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Pixabay - congerdesign Source: Pixabay - congerdesign

Feeling happy to witness and hear the saxophonists play their music right at their balconies, some neighbors come out of their balconies too to take a look.

You can also hear them clapping towards the end of the music. Simply beautiful!

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YouTube - JK Sax - Juozas Kuraitis Saxophonis Source: YouTube - JK Sax - Juozas Kuraitis Saxophonis

It is not only the neighbors that appreciate these two saxophonists for their talent and great music, but viewers also have something to say.

“I wish I had neighbors like them.”

“Lovely playing in these difficult times.”

With their great music, these two gentlemen make the quarantine more bearable. Thanks to their skills and also to the neighbors who are allowing them to do this during these difficult times.

Watch their amazing sax number in this video below with over 1.6 million views.

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