Volleyball coach cries when he is given a new car

June 14th, 2019

Lemuel Buster is a 76-year-old Navy vet and volleyball referee at a Parks and Recreation department in Georgia. To him, the kids that he coaches are like his grandchildren.

It’s a close community, and they would prove to be just that.

When his car stopped working, he began renting newer vehicles that he couldn’t really afford, just to make sure that he was still getting to games and practice so he could be there for the volleyball team.

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Rebecca Thoman Jones via Facebook Source: Rebecca Thoman Jones via Facebook

One of the parents, Rebecca Jones, took notice of his financial situation and the fact that he was struggling with money for other expenses, including food, because of the amount he was spending on the rentals.

She made a plea to other people in the town, asking for help for the coach who had volunteered so much of his time so that the community’s kids could succeed in sports.

Rebecca’s request

She put it all on Facebook:

“This is Lemuel he is the only Ref we have for miles. He is in need of a car to be able to support himself and keep our volleyball league going. He has been with use from day one and knows the sport. He is 70++ a Vet and hard working man. We would love to give him support for his 50 yrs in volleyball and time with Paulding. If you can help in any way, please contact me.”

Rebecca pulled together resources with other parents and community members.

Within just a short time, they had already amassed a total of $1,800 plus a donated used car from a dealership.

They decided to trade in that car plus use the cash to get Lemuel a nice vehicle that he could rely on.

Finally, they purchased the white Chrysler they would be giving to the volunteer who had done so much for their community.

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Inside Edition Source: Inside Edition

The reveal

A group of parents and kids brought him outside. First, he saw the car with the big red bow. Next, they handed him the keys. That’s when he started crying. He was so happy and moved by what everyone had done for him that he just couldn’t contain the tears.

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Inside Edition Source: Inside Edition

But that wasn’t all

Everything they had collected that hadn’t been spent on the car, they gave to the coach.

He received $1000 cash, a Walmart gift card, and a Visa gift card. There was cheering from the kids and more tears from Lemuel.

It was a true act of kindness, but more than that, it would end up saving his life.

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A quick trip to the hospital

Lemuel had been having some warning signs of heart trouble.

On his first night with the car in the driveway, those symptoms became much more serious. He could barely breathe or move.

He dragged himself into the car and drove the short distance to the hospital.

Upon his arrival, they immediately pulled him out of the car and onto a gurney. They say if he had arrived even a minute later, he would have gone into complete heart failure.

Any delay, even to call someone for a ride, would have been the end of his life.

He is more grateful than ever to be part of the caring Georgia community who not only gave him a car but also gave him life as well.

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Source: Inside Edition