30 Beauty Products From Amazon That Work So Well They Have A Cult Following
It's so hard to find beauty products that actually work, love this list.
Rebecca Martinson

Finding quality beauty supplies at a decent price is like finding a unicorn: it’s almost impossible. Almost — but I’ve been around the block a few times when it comes to finding the most effective, affordable beauty products. And I have to say, the ones I’ve gathered for you below? They’re some of the best-of-the-best that Amazon’s got to offer.

Whether you’re looking for bronzer that leave you with a sun-kissed glow, or nourishing face masks, I’ve made sure to pick a variety of items to suit every taste. And if your hair is struggling with the hot summer sun? There’s also an ultra-hydrating deep conditioner that’s loaded with argan oil. But as for the rest, you’ll just have to keep scrolling to see what else is in store — and believe me: it’s more than worth the read.

We hope you find these handy products as awesome as we do. Just an FYI: We participate in affiliate programs and may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

1. The Sheet Mask Made With Nourishing Honey

Not only is honey chock-full of nourishing antioxidants, but this honey face mask is also fortified with hydrating hyaluronic acid. The best part? You only need to let it sit on your face for about 10 minutes in order to let all the nutrients fully soak into your complexion.

2. A Setting Spray To Lock In Your Makeup

Ever look in the mirror to find your makeup is melting down your face? Not when you’ve got this setting spray. It only takes a few spritzes to lock in your foundation, helping it stay put all day long. Plus, the matte finish won’t leave your face looking greasy.

3. The Mascara With More Than 100,000 Happy Reviews

Looking for your new mascara obsession? This one has more than 100,000 positive reviews on Amazon — all from reviewers who rave about how it lengthens lashes, without clumps or globs. And unlike some tubes, this one is certified cruelty-free by PETA.

4. A Tub That Whips Serums Into Cost-Saving Foam

Whipping your serums and soaps into a foam using this tub is an easy way to help save money, as it only takes a pea-sized amount to create an entire handful of foam. And if that isn’t enough? Many reviewers raved about how the foam has a luxurious texture to it.

5. This Eye Cream Can Help Soothe Puffiness

Dark circles, puffiness, sagging skin — this eye cream can help remedy it all. Caffeine works to soothe inflammation, while hyaluronic acid helps ease the appearance of fine lines. Plus, the gentle formula is suitable for those of us with sensitive skin.

6. A Moisturizing Face Cream Made With Collagen

Collagen is great for helping improve your skin’s elasticity — and this facial cream is absolutely loaded with it. Aloe vera and vitamin C work to hydrate skin as they soothe wrinkles, while hyaluronic acid helps keep your face feeling supple all day long.

7. This Vitamin C Serum Can Help Clear Up Acne

I’ve been using this bottle of vitamin C to help fade the sun spots I have on my face — but the clarifying formula is also great for fighting blemishes. And if that isn’t enough? There’s also niacinamide inside, which helps protect your skin from further UV damage.

8. A Serum That Can Help Ease Crows Feet

Consider this serum your new skincare go-to. Vitamin C works to ease the appearance of hyperpigmentation, while ferulic acid helps prevent future wrinkles. It can also help soothe crows feet — and most reviewers were able to see results within about one month.

9. This Tiny Spatula Gets Every Last Drop Out Of bottles

With its narrow head, this tiny spatula easily reaches deep into bottles to help you get every last drop. Not only is it great for saving money, but the flexible silicone contours to the shape of your containers so that you’re not left scrounging for whatever’s left.

10. A Subtle Lip Gloss With SPF 10 Protection

Whereas some lip glosses load you up with pigment, this one has a subtle hue that leaves your pout kissable without looking gloopy. You can also use it as a primer before putting on your regular lipstick — and the unique formula changes color from person to person, leaving you with a special shade that’s unique to you.

11. These Acne Patches Are Total Lifesavers In A Pinch

Got a stray pimple that’s popped up overnight? These covers are absolute lifesavers — especially if you’ve got an important meeting coming up. They flatten out blemishes quickly, and you can even hide them underneath makeup if need be.

12. This Serum Can Help Even Out Your Skin Tone

Whether you’ve got hyperpigmentation or enlarged pores, this serum can help. Simply dab it into your complexion — the 15 different vitamins in the formula will absorb quickly, working to nourish and brighten skin. One reviewer even wrote that “I have no idea what the secret mojo in this is, but all red (or flush) is gone, and my overall skin health has improved significantly.”

13. This Bronzer For A Sun-Kissed Finish

You don’t have to spend the day at the beach for a sun-kissed look — just use this bronzer. The matte finish won’t leave you looking greasy, and the coverage is buildable. That means you can use a little for a subtle look, or layer it on for a more dramatic appearance — it’s totally up to you.

14. An Eye Cream That Can Help Melt Away Dark circles

My eyes are genetically prone to dark circles and puffiness, which is why I use this gel every morning when I wake up. It’s great for helping to soothe inflammation, while simultaneously lifting up tired skin. But the best part? Hyaluronic acid and peptide complex even help soothe wrinkles.

15. This Spray Glues Hair Into Place

Need your ‘do to stay put through a windstorm? Give it a few blasts with this spray — it’s so powerful that it’ll lock your strands into place until your next shampoo. Plus, you can use it for nearly any style, from spiked tips to bouncy curls.

16. The Foundation That Leaves You Looking Nearly Poreless

This foundation from Maybelline provides such excellent coverage that your skin looks nearly pore-free — and reviewers are obsessed with its matte finish. The best part about it? SPF 18 also helps keep your skin protected from the sun’s damaging rays.

17. A Mask That Leaves Lips Oh-So Soft

I think we can all agree that smooth, hydrated lips feel way better than chapped ones — so grab this mask. A light layer right before bed will leave you with a kissable pout come morning, as it’s full of moisturizing hyaluronic acid that locks in hydration while you snooze.

18. A Firming Lotion Reviewers Say Really Works

I could go on and on about all the high-quality ingredients in this cream — but what you really want to know is whether or not it works. And according to reviewers? It’s a total lifesaver. “My friend suggested this to prevent stretch marks while pregnant,” one writes. ” I used it everyday throughout my entire pregnancy and never got stretch marks on my stomach…this cream really works.”

19. The Wipes That Exfoliate Away Dull Skin

You don’t have to use a tough scrubber on your face to brighten your complexion — just give it a few swipes with these wipes. They’re soaked with glycolic acid, which helps exfoliate away dull skin so that a fresh layer can take its place. And if you’re worried about irritation? They also feature soothing chamomile extracts to help calm skin.

20. An Oil That Hydrates Dry, Flaking Cuticles

Got dry cuticles? Don’t scrape them away — it’ll just leave your fingers red and bleeding. Instead, use this oil to help moisturize them back to health. It’s made with milk and honey that work together to soften tough skin, and you can even use it on your nails to help strengthen them.

21. This Treatment That Helps Strengthen Weak Hair

Just squeeze out a quarter-sized amount of this serum into your palms, then run them through your damp hair. Unlike other treatments that only smooth frizz, it dives deep into your strands to help repair the protein bonds that’ve broken — and it’s even safe for all types of hair.

22. A Slanted Pencil To Define Your Brows

If your brows are a little thin or sparse, a pencil — like this one — is an easy way to help fill them in without paying for expensive microblading. The slanted tip makes it easy to “color in the lines,’ so to speak. And with four shades to choose from, there’s one to suit every hair color.

23. The Eye Mask With Tons Of Illuminating Vitamin B3

Not only is the B3 in these eye masks effective at illuminating dark circles, but the added glycerin helps keep your skin hydrated all day long. And if you’re worried about pores clogging while it’s on your face? Not a problem, as the formula is completely non-comedogenic.

24. This Castor Oil Can Help Your Lashes Grow Thicker

Use the included brushes to gently sweep this castor oil onto your lashes. Within weeks, you should notice them growing in fuller and thicker — all without any irritation to your skin or eyes. You can also use it to help moisturize dry hair, and it’ll even work to reduce the appearance of acne scars on skin.

25. The Case Made Specially For Your Beauty Blenders

You don’t want to let your beauty blenders get full of dirt and dust — so use these cases to help keep them clean. They also work great for travel, as they’ll keep your blenders separated from the rest of your clean clothes.

26. A Keratin Spray That Infuses Shine Into Dull Strands

Infused with keratin and real silk, this spray leaves dull strands looking smooth and shiny. Any frizz or flyaways are instantly tamed — and it can even help fortify any strands that have become damaged. One reviewer even wrote that “not only does it smell good, but it makes my hair so de-frizzed and sleek.”

27. The Cream That Delivers Results In Minutes

Don’t have enough patience to let your puffy eyes calm down on their own? This rapid eye cream delivers fast results, helping soothe inflammation in mere minutes. It’s suitable for all types of skin — and the added collagen even helps improve the elasticity around your eyes.

28. A Hydrating Mask That’ll Leave Your Hair Feeling Silky

When frizz and flyaways are ruining your day, allow this argan oil mask to help tame them down. “This is by far the best product I have used on my hair yet!” raved one reviewer. “I have 4c curls and this stuff really leaves it feeling soft and conditioned for days.”

29. A Primer That’ll Keep Your Eyeshadow Looking Good All Night

If your eyeshadow is virtually gone by the end of your night, this primer can help keep it looking great for hours. It’s matte and waterproof, leaving your lids crease-free — even if you have oily skin. And since the lightweight formula dries quickly, there’s no need to wait around to finish your makeup.

30. This Callus Remover For Extra-Tough Bumps

Calluses too tough for a regular foot file? This professional-strength gel is sure to melt them away. You only need to let your toes soak for a few minutes to get the full benefits — and one reviewer even wrote that “the results were amazing…my feet were really bad, and now they are super-soft.”

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By Rebecca Martinson
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Rebecca Martinson is a contributor at SBLY Media.