Lone policeman accepts dance challenge – proves he has the coolest moves in uniform

November 22nd, 2019

For those who don’t realize that police officers are human too, then this may change their minds.

Officer Kingery

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This is a police officer who knows how to let loose, and he does it through dancing.

He has been on youtube taking on a few dance challenges. He offers his thanks for the support for dancing through live PD, and tells people to get ready for the Dip and Lean Challenge.

Becoming a Police Officer

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Officer Kingery was sworn in for the Fortville Police Department as a full-time officer in May 2018

The Dip and Lean Challenge

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Here the officer is going through the moves for Dip and Lean and has his own special setting so he can carry out his moves unhindered.

The Git Up Challenge

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Officer Kingery really did hold his own and he has completed the challenge from start to finish and didn’t miss a step.

There are a lot of things that go viral on the internet, and quite often it is some type of challenge. For this one, it was the Git Up Challenge.

The challenge is to see who can pull off the best dance moves to the Bianco Brown song “The Get Up.”

This Police Officer Does It Justice

Although there were plenty who took up the challenge, this police officer had every move down pat.

The Dance-Off

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Although this office may have grabbed a lot of attention for the challenge he tried to hold his own against some youngsters that had some pretty good moves of their own.

One of his fellow officers told him over the radio he needed some assistance. When Officer Kingery arrived where the officer was, he was told that a couple of young girls wanted to challenge him to a dance-off.

Officer Kingery says to date this has been one of the most fun moments in his career so far.

Some Competition

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It doesn’t look like Officer Kingery made it to the Top5Top5 for the best challengers, but two other officers did make it to second.

The Radio City Rockettes

Officer Kingeryy may not have made it on the Top5 but he was chosen as “dancer of the week” by the Radio City Rockettes.

Officer Kingery and Live PD

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As one of the officers of Live PD, he was interviewed and it came up about him being a big hit for the Git It Up Challenge. His response was that he has always loved dance although he has not had any formal dance lessons. He says his first public appearance at dancing was back in high school when he entered a dance talent contest.

Learning The Dance

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For those who want to follow in Officer Kingery’s footsteps or at least his dancing footsteps there is a “How To” video to learn how to do The Git Up”. This song was Bianco’s first single release and it has been doing amazing.

Special thanks to Officer Kingery for being such a good sport and creating a bond between law enforcement and the general public.

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