Sweet creatures that survived Australian wildfires are deprived of food, so planes are dropping some off for them

January 17th, 2020

I’m pretty sure everyone is familiar with the movie, “cloudy with a chance of meatballs.” This video shows you the real deal and you can call it, “cloudy with a chance of carrots and sweet potatoes!”

When the dangerous bushfires in Australia evolved into an apocalyptic wildfire, millions of animals succumbed to death while the other remaining species are left without a home.

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Bruce Detorres -Flickr Source: Bruce Detorres -Flickr

As one of their relief operations to sustain their country’s wildlife, Australian wildlife officials dropped tons of food for animals still surviving in the burnt-out lands.

‘Operation Rock Wallaby’

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Matt_KeanMP Source: Matt_KeanMP

Their main mission is to feed the State’s marsupials who survived the scorching heat of the wildfire.

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Ninian Reid - Flickr Source: Ninian Reid - Flickr

The New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service led the operation along with the help of other volunteers to make this mission a success. They gathered plenty of carrots which is very easy to acquire in Australia to drop it off a chopper.

In order to reach all the animals in the area, they just need to drop the food from above because it is still dangerous to wander the land due to small embers and such.

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Loading the plane with sacks of food Source: Loading the plane with sacks of food

Matt Kean the New South Wales Environment Minister said it was their initiative to do what was needed to save the poor creatures from hunger after surviving the fire.

Stacking up and getting ready to fly

Everyone already gathered all the resources they need to feed the animals. They put the veggies which are approximately 2200 kilograms inside the chopper and a private plane.

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Loading carrots and sweet potatoes on a helicopter Source: Loading carrots and sweet potatoes on a helicopter

After everything is prepared, they took flight around the fire-stricken lands dropping carrots and sweet potatoes. They flew with just the right altitude so when they drop the veggies and accidentally hit an animal with it, it won’t cause injuries.

Its raining vegetables

The hungry marsupials and other species living in Australia might be thinking where can they get their food to mend their hunger. If they remained hungry it would affect their ability to think and somehow commit suicide just like people.

Surprise furry creatures of the land! Here comes your mana from heaven!

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Here comes your veggies! Source: Here comes your veggies!

In the video, we can see how the man pours those vegetables around the land making sure it reaches every live animal in the area.

Animals started to flock and munched the yellow and orange-colored treat from the sky

After dropping carrots around the land, they spotted a lone marsupial on the side of a rocky mountain who seems to be desperately looking for something to eat.

The camera then switched to the other part of the land to finally spot a wallaby enjoying the food that was served.

Humanity is still alive

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Matt_KeanMP Source: Matt_KeanMP

Experts said that humans are the ones to be blamed if disasters like this wildfire happen. They said that we as humans are abusive of what mother earth gives us, we always fail to control ourselves not knowing we are slowly destroying the planet.

Good job to the volunteers and the New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service. We can say humanity will still live for more years to come because of your kindness.

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Source: The Sun