Your Pinkie Is More Than Just A Finger – Here’s What It Says About Your Personality

March 12th, 2018

Our hands are more significant than we realize. We use them for so many things, such as getting dressed, opening doors, washing dishes, writing notes, and even meeting new people.

Most of these tasks are everyday, mundane things, so we don’t usually think about how our hands influence our day to day lives.

But hands do have an influence on our lives – not just with physical tasks, but in defining our personalities too.

Palmistry, or otherwise known as chiromancy, is act of studying a person’s palm to determine special qualities about them or foresee their future. Practiced all over the world, the palm reader observes your hand shape and the lines on your palm to draw conclusions about you.

There are conflicting interpretations to some palm lines, so take whatever your palm reader tells you with a grain of salt. Still, it’s fun to see if the interpretation you see is accurate.

According to palmists, the height of your pinky finger can be assorted into three different categories. These three categories identify three types of people. Check if your characterization is accurate with the images below.

Pinky A

If you have pinky A:

  • You keep your guard up and do not easily open up to strangers. When you meet people, you portray yourself as more stronger and more independent than you really are. Once you trust someone, you are lower your walls and are openly emotional with them.
  • You have no tolerance for lies, hypocrisy or dishonesty. It goes against your beliefs.
  • You can be a little eccentric or arrogant at times.
  • You have a big heart and enjoy helping others.
  • You are a good worker – you complete every task without fail, even the less exciting ones.
  • You have a very expressive face, especially your eyes. They easily reveal your thoughts.

Pinky B

If you have pinky B:

  • You typically don’t make the first move and approach someone. You can be a little shy and reserved.
  • You are very loyal and devoted in your relationship. When you are in love with someone, they are always on your mind, and they have your full, unwavering attention.
  • At your core, you have a very sensitive soul.
  • You are very good at keeping secrets. People think you are oblivious, but in reality, you just pretend to be clueless so you can protect another’s feelings.
  • If you set your mind to something, you do it. You always see it through.
  • Many people are scared of getting hurt, but you fear it more than most. You come across as independent to others, but in reality, you want to find your soulmate.
  • In chaos, you are calm. You are the eye of the hurricane.

Pinky C

If you have pinky C:

  • Nothing really makes you upset, and you don’t hold grudges.
  • Surprise parties aren’t your thing. You just don’t like surprises. And you definitely aren’t comfortable with the unknown.
  • Others consider you open-minded and you respectfully consider other opinions.
  • You can be a little bossy and can get heated in arguments, but you are quick to apologize after.
  • You don’t like to share your problems, you prefer keeping them to yourself. This can be bothersome for your significant other, especially since they can have a hard time figuring out what’s truly bothering you.
  • You like to be with honest people considering you’re an honest person yourself. You would rather someone tell you the blunt truth than sugar-coat it.

Was your pinky size reading accurate?

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