Pink’s husband teachers daughter how to shoot a rifle, defends his decision in online post

February 28th, 2019

Pink’s husband, Carey Hart, is stirring things up on social media again while he defends teaching his daughter how to handle firearms.

The former motocross racer has been teaching his daughter how to properly and safely use guns since she was only 3-years-old.

With a mind towards educating her on the proper use of such a powerful weapon, the dad has no qualms about sharing his methods with the world, regardless of what he refers to as “the parent police” will have to say about it.

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Hart uploaded a short video of his now 7-year-old daughter, Willow, practicing her shot on January 30th, and it didn’t take much time before the comments began rolling in.

Knowing that a hail storm of comments would come through his feed about gun regulations and accusations of “bad parenting”, Hart preempted their argument with a response of his own in the caption.

“Haven’t poked the parent police bear in a few days. Willz and I shooting the 22 rifle. She is getting pretty good. Can hit a 12 inch pie plate from 30 yards. Started her shooting at 3yrs old.”

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Being the freethinking father that Hart is, he continued with his caption to make a point that the best way to prevent an unwanted incident with children and guns is to teach them how to use them safely and with a respect for what they can do.

“For the record none of us hunt, just enjoy shooting for sport. I’m raising the kids with knowledge of fire arms, how to handle them, shoot them, store them, and avoid them in uneducated hands. #knowledgeispower

As anyone could have guessed, Hart’s video sparked immediate controversy among his followers.

Anything pertaining to guns these days is a touchy subject. Combine that with teaching children how to use them, rather than to fear them, and it gets even touchier.

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While comments from the anti-gun parenting community were to be expected, what was more surprising was the outpouring of support for Hart and his decision to educate his child over allowing them to be fearmongered.

What seemed to catch his follower’s attention more specifically was that he was doing something pretty rare these days; spending quality time with his young daughter.

Commenter @ttlshanson explained exactly why what Hart was doing was important.

“This is Great! We feel the same way as parents. Educate your kids on safety, and reality of damage done by bullets. No fairy tales, and our kids will know how to handle and safely store our weapons.”

Instagram user @sbiswurm felt the same way, explaining that from a professional standpoint, teaching his kids was the absolute smartest thing he could do for his daughter.

“As a wife of a police officer and firearms instructor I would much rather teach them to respect and be familiar with the guns than to fear them. Curiosity at one point will happen and thanks to proper education your girl will already have knowledge. Good for you! Now that said medical professional in me says bravo for the ear protection.”

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What does Hart’s infamously outspoken wife, music icon Pink, have to say about her husband’s parenting skills?

While the pop star hasn’t come out with any public statements regarding Hart’s newest attempt at riling up the good ol’ “parenting police”, historically she has had her man’s back in how he approaches parenting their two children.

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This is not the first time Hart has come under fire for being a “bad parent”.

Last year Hart was met with an overwhelming amount of public criticism for several incidents, two of which involved his 2-year-old son, Jameson Moon Hart.

One incident that sparked heated commentary on his parenting skills was when Hart was seen with Jameson in public while his son had hand-foot-and-mouth disease, and the other for having young Jameson propped up on a dirt bike.

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When Pink later posted a picture of her adorable kiddo covered in chocolate frosting to her Instagram account, one of her husband’s haters decided to explain to Pink just what was wrong with her daredevil spouse.

If there is one thing Pink is known for outside of her music, though, it’s her exquisite ability not to take shit from anybody, especially strangers.

So when a random IG user commented on her post about how unfit her husband is to raise their children, Pink retorted with the perfect shut-down.

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Based on this pointed response, we think that Pink is still Hart’s biggest fan when it comes to parenting.

The reality is, in the video Hart has provided every possible safety for his daughter to learn to shoot her .22 rifle without causing harm to herself or anyone around her.

Hart is teaching her the power of knowledge over fear while spending true quality time with his daughter.

It’s evident in the video below and all other media coverage of Hart’s controversial activities with his kids that if there is one thing he cannot be accused of, it’s not being there for his kids.

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