Some people are using reusable toilet “paper” and it has the internet really divided
It's definitely not for everyone.
Ma Fatima Garcia

Do you still remember when people rushed to the grocery stores to buy or hoard toilet papers?

Because of the pandemic, people made sure that they were able to stock necessities. Many did, and some people even spent their savings just to store lots of toilet papers.

Pexels / Anna Shvets
Pexels / Anna Shvets

Surprisingly, instead of food items, people were more focused on buying toilet papers.

No wonder the topic of family cloth has been going viral lately.

If this is the first time you have heard about the controversial family cloth, get ready to share your opinion.

Pexels / hermaion
Pexels / hermaion

What exactly is family cloth? The first question that we need to address here is what exactly is family cloth?

If you are familiar with cloth diapers or reusable menstrual pads then, it has the same concept.

Family cloth is a name that is used for washable, reusable cloth toilet ‘paper.’

Pexels / Markus Spiske
Pexels / Markus Spiske

That is correct. It aims to replace toilet papers in each home and offer a better alternative. It is said to be cheaper, and of course, an eco-friendly option for all of us.

Instead of the usual toilet paper, you will use these cloth wipes and then just wash them to be reused.

The goal of using family cloth

Pexels / Vie Studio
Pexels / Vie Studio

People are urged to switch to reusable toilet paper because, with this option, they will never run out of toilet paper again. The family cloth went viral right after people started hoarding toilet paper.

People sought to find cheaper alternatives, and this one was the most appealing.

The argument here is that the usual family cloth roll should consist of 20 cloth squares made from soft material such as flannel cloth.

Most of the time, they come in rolls, but they can also come in small squares that you can pile up in a small basket.

Pexels / Ekaterina Belinskaya
Pexels / Ekaterina Belinskaya

You simply use it and then put it in your laundry hamper and then wash them as you would do with a typical cloth diaper. Let your reusable toilet papers to dry, then, they are ready to be used again.

Why is it controversial?

So, you are now getting the idea of why this idea has become so controversial.

The people who are not so keen on using it explained that they felt it was unappealing to use a cloth to wipe your behind after doing number two.

Pixabay / Efraimstochter
Pixabay / Efraimstochter

Then, just thinking about piling all the used and stained family cloth in your hamper and then wait until it’s time to do the laundry isn’t the most hygienic idea.

Some also say that you’ll end up using bleach, soap, and fabric conditioner for all these reusable toilet paper.

Technically, you’re still spending.

Some people mentioned that you will still need to buy toilet paper for your guests – unless you have a separate stash for them to use.

Pexels / gokceakyildiz
Pexels / gokceakyildiz

Another reason why some people are questioning this option is that even if washed, the family cloth will still be shared.

These are just some of the things that people are asking. No wonder people even have debates over the use of family cloth.

Now, some people have explained that you won’t literally wipe your behind after number two. You will still need to spray it first with water or wash it using your bidet, then wipe it dry using the family cloth.

Others also swear that when they switched to family cloth, they have felt cleaner.

Some families make their own reusable toilet paper from old bedsheets or any soft cloth material.

Lastly, the people who use them love how much money they can save.

People are divided and have their own valid reasons why they love reusable toilet paper or not.

Reusable toilet paper or family cloth should work for you and your family if:

  • You want to save. Since family cloths are reusable, you don’t have to spend so much on toilet paper.
  • Another great reason is that you won’t run out of reusable toilet paper.
  • While there are so many cute designs to choose from, you don’t have to buy them if you don’t have the budget. It’s a great and easy DIY project that you can do in your home.
  • By choosing the right cloth material, you will have a collection of soft, easy-to-wash reusable toilet paper.
  • It’s the best option if you are already using your bidet to help you with cleaning your behind. Some people also suggest that it works best if you dampen the cloth with water.
  • It’s definitely eco-friendly!

The reusable toilet paper or family cloth may not be suited for you if:

  • Family cloth isn’t that appealing if you will not use your bidet to help with the cleaning.
  • If you do not feel at ease with piling up the used and stained reusable toilet paper from every member of the family.
  • The family cloth also requires careful cleaning to avoid contaminating other garments.
  • If you think using family cloth will require you to spend as much on your laundry materials, then it’s not for you.
  • Family cloth isn’t the best choice if one of your family members isn’t comfortable using them.
  • It’s also possible that these cloths will retain stains.

Indeed, the thought of using or switching to reusable toilet paper will gain different opinions, but at the end of the day, it’s still our choice.

Some people love the idea and have been using it for years now.

Some people can’t imagine switching to it, while others opt to use water and just wash their behind.

Whatever works for you and your family is the best option for you.

We can analyze and weigh the pros and cons of every option that is being offered to us, but we still have the final say.

What do you think about the use of family cloth? Would you consider using it? Tell us what you think and don’t forget to share this with your friends and family and be surprised about what they think of this idea.

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