Mom Finds Out Daycare Scrubbed Son With Magic Eraser

July 12th, 2018

When you send your children to daycare, you expect them to be taken care of. Sadly, the people you trust with your children and whose job it is to care for them sometimes don’t do it. Some daycare workers are downright mean to children and get caught doing all sort of things they shouldn’t be doing.

It’s hard enough for parents to leave their children each day, but when they find out that they are leaving them in the care of someone who is mistreating them, the guilt can be unbearable.

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Two families just learned that their young children were wiped down with Magic Erasers that contained chemicals after they got in a marker fight and had marker all over them.

The daycare workers thought that because the Magic Erasers work so well to remove marker from walls, they would also be OK to use on a child’s face. The kids ended up with chemical burns and rashes on their faces as a result.

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Their parents are upset about the incident and have even brought a lawsuit again the daycare.

One of the moms, Caitlin Sims, explained what happened when she picked her son up from daycare that day. She said:

“The two teachers came up to me when I picked him up and said, ‘Your son and another boy got into a marker fight,’ and immediately my son said, ‘Mommy, my throat hurts.’ The teacher said, ‘Oh I’m so sorry. I must have been scrubbing you too hard when I cleaned you.’”

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Caitlin inspected her son closely and noticed that he had red patches all over him.

She thought it was strange and wondered if the teacher was telling her the whole story. When another child’s parents picked up their son, they noticed similar marks on his face. Joel Dant, the child’s father, explained:

“It just looked red, like just redness was all, and then the next day was whenever it like really started to show.”

Both families felt that something wasn’t right and that the daycare wasn’t giving them the whole story. Joel and his wife took their son to a doctor, who explained that the red marks were chemical burns likely caused by a Magic Eraser. They were like marks you would see if the skin were rubbed with fine-grit sandpaper.

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The parents demanded to see the security cameras at the daycare, so they could learn what really happened.

What they saw shocked and angered them. Josh Sims explained:

“It was the toughest thing that my wife and I have ever see. Pushing her thumb into his neck, ripped him backward and pulled him over backward, to the extent that he buckled.”

Joel also said:

“If I would have done that to another person, I would be in jail for assault.”

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Even after the parents had watched the video and saw everything that had happened to their children, the workers wouldn’t come clean with the truth.

Stacey Dant said:

“No one apologized.”

An official investigation has been opened, and the parents have both filed lawsuits. They are surprised that the daycare hasn’t been more helpful and wonder if similar incidents have happened to other children and just been swept under the rug.

Josh added:

“Frankly, we expected the school to advocate a little bit more for us.”

The daycare has since fired one of the workers.

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Ultimately, these parents want the people who hurt their children to be held responsible for what they did.

They hope that the lawsuit will help make more parents aware of the things that go on in daycares, so they can protect their own children. Caitlin said:

“Parents need to know the truth. This is what happened to our child, and this is how it was not properly handled.”

It’s sad that something like this happened, and scary to think that they happen every day. Hopefully, these families get some justice and these daycare workers are never allowed to work around children again.

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Source: Little Things, CBS Denver