June 1st, 2020

There is truly nothing like having a great backyard with acres of land or some of nature’s wonderful ponds filled with various wildlife. Somewhere were you and your friends or family can go and sit and enjoy each other’s company. Or even just someplace to take time to just be in nature and appreciate the world around you. However, sometimes whether they are acres of land or a small pond they could use a bit of tender love and care.

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One family in Ohio decided to try a simple nifty trick to turn their murky pond into a sight of beauty. Thankfully, one of the family members is a Tiktok user, MelodyJoy, and shared the captivating transformation with us all. Her video going viral on TikTok currently stands at 6.8M likes and 31K shares.

In the video Melody starts off by explaining,

“So our pond has always been super brown and my dad decided to try to dye it. He bought these packets that just dissolve in the water.”

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The video starts out by showing the dye packets in the bucket that Melody’s dad will be using to transform the pond. Her brother and father then get into their kayak to start emptying the blue dye into the muddy water.

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As they continue to dump the blue dye into the pond it begins to immediately change. Leaving streaks of blue dye through the murky water.

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Within 24 hours the pond went from being dirty, muddy, and murky to a blue paradise.

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Melody’s dad even went as far as to rig a fountain using a bucket and a pump to complete the transformation.

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In a conversation with Newsflare Melody shared that they had tried dying the pond once before,

“The pond is right next to our house. We live in a rural area of Ohio, so it’s natural to the environment here. We have dyed our pond black before and we didn’t really like the results so we decided to go with a prettier color this time. It turned out way better than we imagined it would.”

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However, although this was an epic transformation people began to question the safety of the dye to humans if they were swimming in it and the wildlife so Melody have to clarify,

“A lot of people have been questioning the safety of the dye, but it is 100% nontoxic and is completely safe for the wildlife. People also have been asking if we swim in the pond, the answer is no. It’s not that it isn’t safe, we just have a pool, so swimming in the pond just doesn’t make sense.”

Even having to post a separate TikTok to address all of her new followers’ concerns.

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However, this isn’t where this story ends. Melody has kept up with her followers as she stated she is in high demand,

“People now have been calling me “pond girl” and are continuously asking for more pond videos!”

So per request as Melody and her family continue to transform their pond she keeps up with all the latest modifications and changes. Just recently Melody’s father added a light on the fountain. As well as, shortly later sharing that due to a lot of rain in their area their pond had gone back to the color it was before but they plan on redying to the beautiful blue very soon. In addition per many requests, she also shared with her followers what type of dye it is which is called Pond Champs Blue Toss N’ Treat Water Soluble Bag and it only costs $7.99! To keep up with Melody and her everchanging pond click here to follow her TikTok!

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