Movers Save Woman Hiding In Alley From Abuser
Thank goodness these quick-thinking movers were there to save her. They deserve an award or something!
D.G. Sciortino

When movers Josh Lara, Cody Grandt, and Mike Zaininger came across a terrified woman running for her life, they didn’t twice about helping her. The woman was working as an office manager for a Chicago dentist when her ex-boyfriend showed up to her office with a gun.

Since her ex-boyfriend has a history of abusive and violent behavior, the unnamed woman knew she was in danger and ran into the back alley behind her office. That’s where she found the three movers from Wisdom Moving Company.

“She knew she was being looked for, the way she was hiding,”Zaininger said. “Our immediate reaction was, ‘Get in the truck.’”



The woman would have been in fatal danger had it not been for those three men.

“We brought her into the truck, and there were stacks of boxes so we were kind of hiding behind the boxes,” Lara said.

When the ex-boyfriend, later named as Clint Engle, couldn’t find the woman, he ended up shooting himself in that alley. Engle had a long history of abusing the woman. He even broke into her house and attacked her sleeping father with a golf club because Engle thought the father wasn’t allowing his daughter to date him.

He spent more than 10 years in jail for that incident, which included charges of home invasion and aggravated battery. When he was released, he went after the woman again.


“If we weren’t there she would have been done, she would have been seen running down the alley,” Grandt said.

The police agreed and credited the men with saving the woman’s life. They were even honored for their heroic act and were given an official proclamation for their courage and quick-thinking. The men, however, don’t see their act as heroic they were just reacting.

“It was just our instinct to try and protect and help her,” Lara said.

And that instinct saved a woman’s life.

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By D.G. Sciortino
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