Mothers are applying makeup before giving birth – and the trend is not for everyone

November 15th, 2019

There are moments when some women are just not at their best

There are a whole lot of women who have been through childbirth that will tell you that when they were giving birth the last thing on their mind was their makeup

Alaha Karimi Was Going To Look Her Best

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Alaha obviously didn’t believe that being in labor was any excuse for going makeup free. In fact she proved the point by applying her makeup in between contractions.

Getting Approval

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She made sure that she got approval from her Doctor to go through the makeup application while in the delivery room.

Hubby Helps

When the labor started to intensify and Alaha was not able to hold her makeup brush, then hubby filled in for her.

A Secondary Purpose

Alaha wanted to look her best but she also reiterated that concentrating on her makeup application served as a distraction from the contractions.

Her Profession

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It may have also helped that she is a makeup artist by profession

Facing The Criticism

There were some that did not agree with what Alaha did during labor.

They felt that she was putting her baby’s health at risk. Her response to this is that delivering a baby is just a waiting game.

The Happy Moment

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At the end of it all Alaha gave birth to a beautiful baby girl weight eight pounds thirteen ounces and was named Sophia.

The Perfect Look for the Perfect Moment

When it was time to capture photos after the delivery Mom certainly did look her best.

A Trend That May Be Catching On

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It is not sure if Alaha is starting a trend but it seems like she is not the only soon to be Mom that was makeup conscious during delivery time.

This California Mom spent some time working on her makeup while she was experiencing her false alarm.

Bringing In Some Help

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Most moms really do want to look their best and this may be something that they struggled with during their pregnancy. Most often during the early stages of labor before the pain becomes intense the Moms to be are dealing with boredom.

This soon to be mom got her sister in law to come in and do her makeup for her. She looks great and didn’t have to expend the effort in doing it herself.

At The Other End Of The Spectrum

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There are often some funny things that transpire in the Labor room. Live the Mom who decided to take on the look of Chewbacca while she was in labor. Mom was thirty-two years of age and she donned the mask to use it as a distraction to ease her pain. She always found the mask to be funny so what the heck it was worth a try to put a little humor to the pain of labor and for her it worked according to her.

The Bottom Line

Every woman has her own way of getting through labor. What may be appealing to some may not be for others. Basically it is not the right for anyone to judge another.

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